Stages of Creating a Custom Cosplay Costume, from Idea to Product – by ETERESHOP

Stages of Creating a Custom Cosplay Costume, from Idea to Product – by ETERESHOP

Creating a custom cosplay costume is not a simple task, but interesting and challenging. With an experienced team and smart apps there is no need to go to a fitting – the suit will suit like a glove and look perfect. Do you want to know how we do it and what are the stages of creating a suit in our company? 

If you doubted that you could order a custom outfit and get it without trying on, but perfectly suited to your figure,  just read this article and you will understand why the exclusive custom-made cosplay suit will fit you completely.

In this article, we will walk you through all the steps of custom cosplay costume creating.

3D Scanning and Avatar creating for perfect 3D model outfit

So, you’ve decided to order a custom cosplay outfit, but don’t know where to start. The first thing our company starts with is asking you to make your own avatar. This is done so that your custom order suit fits perfectly on your figure. The avatar is the parameters of your body that are necessary for the perfect size of the custom cosplay suit.

3D avatar scanning in in3D-Avatar Creator Pro
Avatar sample of "in3D:Avatar Creator Pro" app

Just have a look at this video about what avatar is and how we work with it.

Here is a manual, how to create your own avatar

  • download an app “in3D:Avatar Creator Pro” on the phone 
  • take a photo of your face with the front camera
  • put the phone so that you can be seen in full growth and press “Start”. It is better to remove the hair and wear tight-fitting clothes e.g. tight leggings and a top.
  • download the avatar you have got and send it to us by mail
3d scanning of an avatar i in3D-Avatar Creator Pro
The process of creating an avatar for a custom outfit
3d scanning of an avatar in a mobile application
Creating a 3d avatar through the program "in3D:Avatar Creator Pro"

We strictly recomment to collect  the hair at the top of the head. Otherwise the program scans it with the body into one large object and there will be a hump on the neck and back. We also request to use the tightest leggins for scanning clothes to correctly convey the outlines of the body, and it is good for scanning to do this in a well-lit room, then you will get the maximum quality.

3D Modelling of Exclusive Custom-made Cosplay

3D Crown Modelling for Cosplay Outfit

Each detail of the exclusive custom-made costume is modeled separately. Now the main thing is creative design and show the client how his new image will look like. The main instrument of our custom suit designers  is the CINEMA 4D PROGRAMM application and the CLO3D application. The first is for rigid forms, the other is for clothes where patterns are needed.

3D Crown modelling with «Сinema 4d program» app

3D Modelling in CLO 3D

Custom Cosplay 3D outfit is created in CLO3D programm. We take a ready avatar and adjust the parameters of the body to the parameters of the customer. Program allows us to create perfectly tailored clothes, try them on and check the fit in motion. So we end up with a very cool result and show a perfect fitted suit for each specific client.

Sending renderings of a 3D model outfit to a client

Then we send renderings to the client – sketches transferred from 3d space to a regular image, or we make a screen recording and spin around when there is a need to show some details in dynamics. The client does not need skills, the program for scanning the body is enough with a simple instruction.

3D model of a custom suit on the client's avatar

Pros and cons of 3D modelling

You can immediately see yourself in the requested custom cosplay costume and make changes to the design even at the sketch stage, 3D helps to show the product more realistically on the body than just a drawn sketch, since it is made on a thin body and special lengthens the legs, and customers’ bodies are different. 

Cons of body scanning – it does not exactly allow to take a body scan as a basis for a suit, customer measurements nevertheless are required, since there are errors in dimension during scanning.  The program changes hands on its own – scanning fingers into a fist, at the output a model with an open palm.

3d avatar models for creating an outfit
Standard avatars of the CLO3D program, which can be changed by height and circumference
3d avatar for modeling a custom 3d costume
We can change the avatar by changing the parameters of the body and the height.
3d models of avatars for modeling a custom outfit
Here we have increased the size of the model.
3d models of avatars for modeling a custom 3d costume
Adding circumference of the waist, chest and hips is ok, but the chest is not always added correctly.

Working with patterns

Patterns are unloaded from this program and transferred to production along with images. 

In this department in the AUTOCAD program, they prepare the cutting of the product. Mirror acrylic or any other fabric or material is cut out for further joining into a finished costume element.

3d modeling of a custom dress
A view of the UV patterns of their form, size and texture
3d modeling of patterns for tailoring a custom outfit
A view of the patterns in the 2D window, where they are created and can be changed

Working with textures and prints

The eve foam or mirrored acryl, from which the product is made will be cut by a laser.

creating a custom outfit for the festival
A view of the UV patterns of the back side of a costume
The program reproduces folds and tails

Detail calculation and color variations

The program not only helps to create a costume, break it down into details and colors, but also suggests the exact amount of material for its accurate calculation. In addition, the program offers different color solutions.

creating a custom outfit for the festival
On the right is a 3D view of the assembled dress; on the left - the color variations of the suit

Simulation and fitting on an avatar

The CLO3D program allows not only to break the costume into parts, calculate the material and show different color schemes, but also allows the avatar to move in the costume to show it in all glory. This is a great opportunity to see how the suit will fit you.

More information about creating 3d custom costumes can be found in the article “3D modeling of costumes for preliminary demonstration of the product”.

3d pattern for creating a custom outfit
This is what the costume looks like on the avatar
Our avatar can tilt and turn by changing some parametres.

We send the final version to the customer for approval. After that we send the patterns for production. This process includes ordering and purchasing materials, cutting and making a costume. It all depends on the complexity of the work and the search for material.

Custom-made costume production

After the sketch was approved by the customer, we began to develop a pattern in CLO and apply the product to the fabric.

According to the patterns, we make drawings of the cut of the mirrors, determine the dimensions of the mirrors and their location. We create a suit from the selected fabric. 

Development of the templates

Patterns for cutting mirrors
Patterns for sewing the basis of a jumpsuit

Preparation of fabric for sewing

The patterns are transferred onto the canvas in the sewing shop, where the pieces of fabric are carefully sewn together to become a costume.

Cutting out fabric according to patterns
Cutting out fabric according to patterns

First skirt fitting, before glueing the mirrors

Biflex stitched according to patterns. Based on the printed patterns, a base is sewn on which mirrors will subsequently be glued. 

Sewn basis for a mirror basque
Sewn basis for a mirror basque
Fitting a ready-made jumpsuit and a sewn skirt, that will be pasted with mirrors

The ready sewn costume still needs to be decorated with mirrors. After that the pieces of silver mirror and gold and green acrylic glass are manually glued onto the fabric, strictly following the predesigned pattern.

The process of attaching the mirrors

Gluing the mirror on a custom suit

Final fitting of the dress before sending it to get the client's approval

Upon completion of the manufacture of the product we need to make sure that absolutely all the client’s requirements have been taken into account. Fitting a ready-made suit for approval with the client.

applying a mirror to a custom dress
Applying a mirror to a custom dress

Production of the costume

Custom women's mirror dress with a crown by ETEREshop

The whole process, from the first call to the delivery of the product to your address, is carried out by one employee. You will always be aware of the stage of creation of your custom cosplay costume. In addition, if there is an urgency, we will try to fulfill your order strictly on time. If you still have questions about how we make custom costumes, then feel free to write them. And if there are no questions left, then contact us and order your new outfit by sending your ideas.

We hope that the article about creating custom orders in ETEREshop was useful for you and we will be pleased if you share it with your friends.

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