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Light up dance gymnastic costume with 3000 LEDs is flexible and easy to use. It suits both professional dancers and gymnasts, and those who want to surprise others at a party or festival. Smart technology allows to create different effects that will make each your show unforgettable. The suit can be made with different number and dencity of LEDs according to the client’s wish. It’s an excellent combination of price and quality, provided with the guarantee and technical support 24/7. The costume can be shipped to any part of the world within 2 weeks.

➨ How we can help you:

If you need something new and extraordinary for your show, concert or any other upcoming event, we are always ready to help.

You can come to us with an idea in your head or a rough sketch on a napkin and we will turn your idea into reality, step-by-step approved by you from the stage of a sketch and up to the finished item. You’ll get a unique custom made costume, technical support and a great tool to make money with.

➨ Video and photos from clients:


The exact amount of LEDs:
Without mask: 2882
Costume + mask: 3036

➨ Packaging arrangement:

Costume supplied to the customer with the following packaging arrangement:
LED suit (jumpsuit and mask)
Special belt for securing the power supply and control system
Battery box for power suit
A controller for controlling the glow program
Wireless Router (optional)
Battery to power a wireless router with a USB charger (optional)
Instructions for operation and repair
Repair Kit
Software License, to control costume (optional)
Documents (Sell agreement, transport bill of lading if you will pay by bank transfer)

➨ Important to Know:

Proposed by us model consists of an elastic solid jumpsuit. It is suitable for guys and girls, and can stretch to different sizes. This is important if you purchase costumes for your employees. If the employee changed, the suit will be fit to another one. The costume is absolutely free and allows the artist to perform any dance and acrobatic movements. 3000 LEDs are located in high-impact waterproof capsule – it allows the artists to use the power movements on the floor or work with circus items.
Suit can not work without control over the network WiFi. Special software for Windows computers (tablets) is used to control it.
Power supply costumes can be performed either from the Li-pol battery or Ni-Mg batteries.
For powering costumes used Ni-mg 1.2 volt batteries 2700 mA / h – 32 pieces (number of batteries depends on the number of LEDs and the amount of time required). Never use a conventional batteries – it will harm the product without possibility to repair! Rechargeable batteries have a significant weight and for this reason not included in the standard package.
Li-pol batteries smaller in size but have a time limit operation. Required operating time can be set using the required number of batteries. They are much more expensive than ordinary batteries, but is easier to use. When ordering, using Li-pol battery, we include them in the package.
The costume’s price does not include the cost of software

➨ Customized:

We are a manufacturer of costumes – for this reason we can realize any of your ideas. This model contains 3000 controlled LEDs. Number of LEDs and pattern can be changed according to your wishes. You can specify the time of continuous operation and the product, we will equip the necessary power supply.
At your request we can use different options to suit basics (jacket, vest, pants, jacket, etc.) and required density of LEDs.
Under the individual order, we can make the costume with the possibility of work under water, a standart model will work in the rain and is suitable for delicate automatic washing (belt batteries and automatic control units can not be automatic washed.)
Control system (Software)
There are standard software solutions for this type of suits. We are not the authors of this software, but we are the official dealer.
Basic license for Windows computers (tablets). $ 650
This program allows you to unleash the full potential of the technology “Di-LED”! Ability to create any visual effects, management in real time, or sync with the soundtrack. Each effect can be configured in many ways, including using sound activated and tonal activation (when the effect can listen to music and adapt to her, example – EQ. In addition, this effect can be applied to the audio track and the time required to launch.) The computer connects to the costumes through WiFi.
The only limitation of this license is the ability to control only 170 LEDs (light-emitting diodes, or 170 groups-diodes(2-10) per group). This limitation allows the use of one suit with 170 control points, or two or more synchronized costumes, costumes or two together, but 85 managed groups of LEDs on each of them (instead of controlling each LED individually – control is Group (2-10) diodes at the same time ). In the future, the license can be improved by paying the required amount. A more detailed explanation you can get from the manager.
Extended License for Windows computers (tablets). $ 1600
This is the same program as described in paragraph 1. The difference is that the license allows you to control 2700 LEDs or groups of LEDs. This program is needed to show groups with lots of artists. This program is suitable for managing all technology products “Di-LED”.Extended license may be received by improving the base license. License is a USB flash drive and can not be copied.

➨ Software management capabilities:

many built-in visual effects
scrolling text and text output to suit
responsive to the sound effects (rhythm, power, etc.)
responsive to the effects of tonality
Effect settings (speed, brightness, sound, time, etc.)
overlay mask effects on each other
creating separate areas for applying effects
Script language to create your own effects
import effects of video and flash
overlaying effects on the sound track time line
control in real time
Midi remote connectivity
the ability to run the show on the Midi or DMX signal
and much more (full software options, you can find after payment)
In all cases, the seller provides the necessary materials for training to work with software products. In addition the seller provides a series of video tutorials to create your own show and all the necessary consultations before the first performance with the finished show.

➨ Production:

Suits series “Di-LED” consist of superbright LEDs. Each LED is soldered to quality aviation stranded wire, and placed in a shockproof waterproof shell. Ready chain attached to the suit using plastic clips. At the point of attachment – suit fabric stitched and duplicated in the form of a square, for extra strength and durability. Holes for clamps heat treated to prevent rupture of the suit fabric. Next hole is processed with a special metal rivet (If the order more simple execution not put metal rivets) – that reinforces edge of the hole and prevents rupture fabric base.
The suit has a special belt for mounting power supply and control of LEDs. The control system allows you to control every single LED. The controller has a connector for connection to the battery boxes, they supply controller, and it supplies the LEDs on the suit. LED chains are connected to a special connector on the controller connectors are numbered to avoid connection errors.
To control the controller using a wireless router. It has an independent power supply and connected to the control board via Lan cable. Company manufacturer Wireless Router Tp-link (2,4 GHz) or Dlink (2,4 GHz and 5GHz). We produce the necessary software configuration to router for adapt to our control.
Power supply with the controller placed in a special belt which has a backpack mount form Y for additional fixation on the body. This allows you to share the load on the back. The belt slim and not visible under a suit.
Production of one party costumes takes less than two weeks (subject to availability of all necessary components in stock), in the production of individual model – sketch and design features agreed with the manager before the start of production. Changes in the design which are made ​​after the start of production may increase product cost.

➨ Cost:

The store contains price of a standard model (3000 controlled LEDs). Below we will give you a rough scheme for calculating the cost of your model.
150USD – the cost of manufacturing fabric base for costume (jumpsuit, mask and a special belt in the standard version or the full version of your costume). The cost can be reduced if part of the costume is made, for example the top half of the suit (jacket) or bottom (pants) will cost 35% cheaper.
200USD – LED Control System (controller for LED chains) and the battery box when you are ordering model with battery Ni-mg
50USD – wireless router 2.4 GHz band. This range is more accepted and used for performances at venues without high loading range of 2.4 GHz (wireless television camera equipment and special security services may interfere with the operation control system).
100USD – wireless Router 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. This option is needed to guarantee the quality of work on difficult venues (TV studio, large concert halls)
3 USD/pcs. – installation costs a single LED with the installation of high quality (attaching a double layer of fabric stitched holes processed temperature to avoid rupture fabric base, each hole has a metal rivet for added strength and durability).
2,5 USD/pcs. – The cost of a single LED with mounting medium quality (holes temperature processed to avoid rupture base fabric).
650USD – basic license for Windows computers (tablets). Supports only controlled 170 LEDs or groups of LEDs (2-10p.). This license provides the light show, but do not allow to display text on the costumes.
1600USD – Extended License for Windows computers (tablets). License allows you to control 2700 LEDs or groups of LEDs.
Example of calculation of the costume with a density of 510 LEDs (suit for animator – the ability to display text on the chest and back, the LEDs on the arms and legs are grouped) high quality installation, and basic license to control 170 LEDs:
150(fabric basis for a suit)
+200(controller for LED chains)
+50(wireless router)
+510*3(LEDs to suit assembling, including solder LEDs)
+650(the cost of software)
=2580USD total cost of the costume
Example of calculation of two dance costumes on 170 LEDs grouped in 2 pieces, to work on one-time events without the need to display scrolling text and a small amount of monthly performances.
150*2(fabric basis for a suit)
+200*2(controller for LED chains)
+50*2(wireless router)
+170*2,5*2(LEDs to suit assembling, including solder LEDs)
+650(the cost of software)
=2300USD total cost of the costumes
Example of calculation for five dance costumes for every 300 points (standard model from our shop). The suit is designed for daily work in the amusement park, you can display a scrolling on the bodies of artists.
150*5(fabric basis for a suit)
+200*5(controller for LED chains)
+100*5(wireless router)
+300*3*5(LEDs to suit assembling, including solder LEDs)
+1600(the cost of software)
=8350USD total cost of the costumes
Costing does not include the cost of Li-pol battery and shipping cost. Total cost is calculated by the manufacturer and provided to the customer in the form of calculation for approval. If payment was made according to your calculation until coordination order with the manager, the production will be calculated according to the amount paid.

➨ Payment and guarantee of deal:

Make payment using one of the following ways:
Through the Bank
In this case we will make sell agreement (for this we need your passport or legal data). Under this contract, you get a full guarantee of delivery and quality of goods. You can pay through the bank using the contract. Agreement has several paragraphs to protect both the buyer and the seller, for us it is the most appropriate way of transaction.

➨ Shipping:

Goods will be shipped on the day of payment or the next business day, it depends on availability of stock (you should contact with a manager). If the product is made to order, then it will be shipped immediately after 1-3 days of control testing.
Delivery is carried out in many different ways. The most economical and fast shipping service is EMS, in which case delivery may take up to 14 days, but in practice no more than a week. If necessary, we can send purchase expedited service DHL, FedEx, UPS. In this case the shipping costs 3-5 times more expensive but can be reached in 1-2 days. Cost of delivery depends on delivery address and will be added to the cost of the product. All of these methods are only available when paying using ¹1-3 methods of payment.
If you made a payment through bank then we will send the parcel via shipping company with all necessary documents (contracts, bills of lading). In this case, the cost of delivery can not be included in the price of the product (it all depends on the delivery address and service). Shipping cost can be paid cash on delivery, can take different time, but usually this time is comparable with the EMS delivery time.
We have the option of delivery courier-technician for large orders, after the delivery the technician can instruct the customer on all technical issues and participate in the first show – as a technical staff. Customer pays shipping and residential expanses of the technician as well as ensure its housing. Details are included in the delivery of an additional agreement to the main contract.

➨ Quality Assurance:

Our products are made by professionals and meets all quality requirements. We use high-quality components and proven process technologies. That is why we give a guarantee of workmanship. After producing each product undergoes quality control – which reduces production errors to zero. Nevertheless, we are not responsible for transport companies and can not guarantee the functionality of the product after delivery. In this case, we have a program of maintenance and replacement . Additionally, in some products use sophisticated accessories that can come into disrepair over time, in such cases we deliver a repair kit to each product.
All our products have a guarantee of build quality. This guarantee allows you to replace or to get a repair cost compensation when it detects failures associated with the original assembly or the original integrity of components used.
The warranty period is 3 months.
Types of faults that fall under warranty:
primary burning LEDs
short circuit associated with the quality of the soldering
failure of the controller, for reasons beyond the control of the user
failure of the router, for reasons beyond the control of the user
damage associated with transportation – including mechanical damage (this breakage fall under the warranty during the first three days after receipt of the item) , to confirm the damage you must provide us the video unpacking the product and its initial switching on.
The warranty does not fall into the following types of faults:
mechanical, electrical and thermal damage to the wires , diodes , soldering , insulation and bases of a suit.
mechanical, electrical and thermal damage of control boards , router , connecting cables and power supplies.
The performance of the battery packs
damage caused by improper use of products
damage caused by interference with the electrical wiring system of control.
Procedure for warranty service:
In the case of a fault-finding you need to contact the manager who led your order. You must give him full information on the detection of faults, possible causes, and provided use of the product at the time of the fault. You must provide photo and video materials confirming the fault.
After receiving all the information manager will contact you and offer options for resolving the issue. This may be an indication for repair if the case does not fall under the service. If the case falls under the service, the manager will provide you with information about the nearest service center, which will help you solve your problem. If breakage is significant, the manager can offer you send the product to us for repair.
In all cases, the buyer is liable for transportation and repair of the product until the expert’s conclusion about the cause of the fault. If the problem is covered by warranty, the seller fully offsets the cost of repairs, including the cost of delivering the product to the seller and sending items back to the buyer. During a repair vendor can provide the buyer with a replacement product, transportation costs for the replacement product assumes the buyer. The buyer, in turn, guarantees the safety of the replacement product.

➨ Return Policies:

We provide return service of the purchased product under the following conditions:
The product has not been in operation more than once, the product should have a perfect appearance (no visible signs of use).
The buyer provides sound reasons for returning, when the reason is impossible to detect from the demonstration materials and technical documentation supplied with the product.
The buyer assumes shipping costs associated with the delivery and return of the product.
The buyer shall bear the costs related to commissions stores and payment systems (the amount depends on the payment option – you should contact a manager) and customs duties.
The product is in mass production and was not custom-designed.
In all other cases, we provide a replacement for an identical or similar product.

➨ How to place an order:

You can order this iteam here on our website by adding it to your cart and proceeding to checkout.


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