DIY LED Angel Wings Costume_ An In-Depth Manua

DIY LED Angel Wings Costume: An In-Depth Manua – by ETEREshop

Cosplay wings costumes are noticeable and striking elements of a costume that are guaranteed to attract attention at any event. In this article, we will delve into the process of creating large angel wings. Whether you are a dancer, party lover, DJ, street artist, or event agency employee, these wings will be a bright and unforgettable addition to your image.


How to make a wings costume

Wings Pattern

At the first stage, we create a pattern of the required size.

Patterns for each layer of wings

Preparation of materials

To manufacture a cosplay wings costume, you will need 3mm polyethylene foam and 2mm PET.

material polyurethane foam 3mm
3mm polyethylene foam material for the wings base
PET material
2mm PET for a backpack, which will allow the wings to be secured on the back

We cut out the big wings according to the shape

We unroll a 2.5-meter strip of polyethylene foam into 8 layers. Next, we put one pre-prepared plywood shape on top, another one below, and clamp them with bolts. This is repeated for all the shapes. The placement of the forms should be parallel to the lines on the polyethylene foam.

plywood wing shapes
Plywood wings shapes

After that, the wings need to be cut out of the polyethylene foam following the contour with a tool with a heated wire.

carved wings made of polyurethane foam
Interim result of future wings costume
cut 6 pairs of wings made of polyurethane foam,
Wings of different shapes made of polyurethane foam

Preparation of LEDs

First, the connectors on the original LED strips are resoldered to 40-pin ones. Then it is necessary to make power leads.

connectors for LEDs
LEDs for the suit
leds for large angel wings costume
Resoldered LED strips

Then a common wire is soldered according to the scheme.

Common drive scheme
Common drive scheme

Attaching LEDs to the wings

Glue the LEDs onto the largest layer of wings following the provided scheme.

LED sticking scheme

Creating a backpack for fixing wings on the back

We cut out 2mm and 1mm PET for the backpack according to the provided pattern.

pattern of the backpack
Pattern for PET

We assemble the straps: from 4 m of tape, we get 2 loops and 1 semi-circle. And with rivets, a whole backpack for wings is assembled.

Assembling a backpack
A ready-made backpack for further fastening it into the wings

The final stage in creating a wings costume is assembly.

Using glue, the 7 lower layers of wings are first glued together. Then a frame made of PET is inserted. And the remaining 4 layers of polyethylene foam are glued on top.

Mounting glue
Built-in backpack for wings costume
Connector output

The wings are glued from the largest wing to the smallest on both sides, one of the sides has a frame to which loops for fingers are attached. Glue is spread over the surface of the wing to glue them together, but they should create a feather-like appearance. That is, the edges are not glued. After the wings are glued, they need to be placed on a flat surface and pressed down with something heavy. Pressing is needed for the best glue adhesion. The glue needs to dry for about 12 hours. Usually, we leave it overnight. Then the fingers are attached.

Built-in finger loop

We prepare loops for fingers. The 4 upper layers of wings are cut through, and PET is placed under the top layer. Loops are threaded into the holes in the PET that is in the backpack frame, and into the PET that is under the top layer. Then the loops are fastened with a stapler and glue.

Ready-made big Led wings costume

DIY Led wings costume
Ready-made LED wings costume with 200 LEDs

LED cosplay wings costumes stand out for their original look and affordable price, which explains their popularity in various fields and at numerous events. If you are up for a bigger challenge and want to try something new, we recommend checking out our article “How we did it: White feather mechanical wings with LEDs“, where we go into detail about the creation of mechanical wings.

Application of angel wings costume

  • Cosplay events: Cosplay wings costumes are suitable for cosplay and fan gatherings. They bring to life characters from anime, comics, movies, or video games. The costume will attract attention and amaze everyone with light effects.
  • Musical performances: If you are a dancer or a music group, big angel wings costumes can help you stand out in your activities. They add visual appeal and flair to your movements. They create a thrilling atmosphere on stage. The audience will admire the beauty of white wings with LEDs and will want to come back to see the unusual winged costume again.
  • Street art: Street artists, such as painters and acrobats, are always looking for a way to stand out and attract the attention of passers-by. LED wings will make you noticeable in the dark. Cosplay wings costumes are light and easy to manage, you can walk on stilts and amaze viewers.

Look at our customers with Led light up wings costume

Stilt Walkers in LED Wings suit
Photo from a client in LED wings costume by ETEREshop
festival light up wings outfit
DIY LED angel wings costume by ETEREshop
dancers with glowing wings costume
artist in big LED light up wings costume
Angelic LED Wings Costume for Photo shoot
Angel wings costume glow in the dark

Final Remarks

Creating your own LED cosplay wings costume is a fascinating and creative process that will add originality and flair to your image. Following our step-by-step guide, you can create your own LED angel wings costume. If you prefer a ready-made solution, consider purchasing LED wings from the Etereshop company here. With angel wings costumes, you can bring your image to life and become the shining star of any event.

Check out our collection of wings costume

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