36 ideas of LED light installations 2023

56 ideas of LED light installations 2023 – by ETEREshop

 In this article, we have gathered 56 unique LED installations that will show you how you can creatively use space and materials to create unforgettable impressions. We will tell you about art installation ideas and you will learn who they are suitable for and how LED light installations can help solve your tasks. So keep scrolling down and you will see how any space can be transformed into a work of art with the help of LED installations!


6 Festival LED Light Installations for the Burning Man Festival

LED installations are one of the most popular and impressive forms of art at the Burning Man festival. They create a unique atmosphere in the darkness of the desert, capturing attention and astonishing with their originality and beauty. That’s why you should take a look at the following 6 art installation ideas for the Burning Man festival!

A gigantic glowing jellyfish that hovers in the air, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.
art installation-on-the-street
An art installation that prompts viewers to contemplate their values and aspirations.
installation-at-the-festival-burning man
The Wing Portal - street LED installation featuring enormous wings symbolizing a transition into a different state of consciousness.
LED-outdoor-installation in the form of a butterfly
Big LED light installation in the form of a glowing butterfly that opens the door to a world of dreams and fantasies for its visitors
A touching art installation that encourages its viewers to reconnect with their inner child, emotions, and feelings.
Art installation made of steel and wood, representing 25 serpent heads brought to life through LED lights.

Prototypes of LED lighting installations by ETEREshop to Order

We present to you our huge installation ideas with thousands of LEDs, providing brightness and durability for lighting design! To inquire about pricing, please email our managers at sales@etereshop.com.

art installation-to-order
An LED light installation in the form of a dodecahedron for the Burning Man festival! Our team is ready to bring any of your ideas to life and create light installations of any shape for you.
idea of an-unusual-huge-installation-with-LEDs
An unconventional idea for an LED installation for Burning Man, featuring an abstract figure that creates a sense of three-dimensionality and dynamics.
A multi-colored LED arch adorns the starry sky of the Burning Man festival, an idea by ETEREshop.
Reflective displays for art festivals
Reflective art installation with LED lighting on order
Mirror light up art installations for galleries
Huge mirror LED lighting festival installation
Reflective art installations
Reflective mirror art installation
LED installations for exhibitions
Festival art installation with LED lighting to order
LED light up art installations for urban spaces
Huge LED light up art installation for urban spaces
Mesmerizing illuminated interactive installation
Immersive LED lighting installations for art spaces
Immersive festival LED lighting installation
Large-scale LED sculptures
Mirror lighting installations for events
Illuminated mirror exhibits
Illuminated mirror exhibit, the idea of our team

LED lights for entertainment: 6 ways to amaze guests at your club, bar, or casino.

Clubs, bars, and casinos are not just places for gambling, entertainment, and socializing. They are places where atmosphere matters, creating moods and impressions! LED light installations are a way to accentuate the beauty and style of your interior and make it stand out from the rest.

art installation-for-museums
LED light installation for the club in the form of an interactive video wall!
A space illuminated by bright stars, using an LED installation for the hotel.
An LED installation creates a dynamic and vibrant effect that adjusts to the mood and atmosphere.
LED light installation in the shape of a cloud formed by 12,000 spheres. This idea is suitable for a club, hotel, or even a museum!
The ceiling of the bar adorned with small discs featuring gradient illumination inside.
LED light installation in the form of a sphere made up of 1,050 LED panels with a diameter of 5 meters.

We can implement these ideas for you. Write to us by e-mail sales@etereshop.com.

3 light installations to create atmosphere in your club by ETEREshop

Interactive LED installations will help attract more visitors to your club. Our LED light up installation will create a unique atmosphere at events and serve as an exciting backdrop for photos and videos. Stand out from the crowd with art installations!

Big installation for a party with 16,000 LEDs that display objects, words, and lighting effects
This LED light installation will be the center of attention for guests. Custom modification of the installation is available for easy customization.
Interactive LED light installation in the form of a projection cube for dancing! It captures motion with a 360° view, features special 3D effects, and smoothly transitions to the music, capturing attention and astonishing viewers. Learn more about this interactive LED installation in our article.

Made-to-Order Installation Samples

Installation ideas crafted by our team, available for custom orders. Contact the manager by e-mail: sales@etereshop.com to clarify the information.

Outdoor mirror exhibits
Massive crystal mirror art installation for the streets
large Mirror light up art installation
Outdoor mirror light up installation resembling a massive crystal formation
Park large LED light up installations
Prototype of a huge LED light up installation
Light art for cultural events
Immersive mirror installation in the form of a gigantic crystal for public spaces
LED art for public spaces
A mobile art exhibit from a mirror with illumination
LED light up art installation
Massive crystal-inspired mirror art decorations for urban settings
Interactive LED exhibits for art galleries
Big LED exhibits for art galleries
Reflective sculptures
Reflective sculptures to order
Interactive LED artwork
Interactive LED artwork

Brighten up your urban space: LED lights for the city in 6 tips.

Outdoor light up installations can create unique effects in squares, open stages, parks, and other urban environments. They represent a modern direction in artistic lighting that brings joy and benefits to both residents and city visitors!

This city LED installation is a metal windmill with two concentric circles.
The idea of a street installation with lighting in the shape of a dog
A massive cathedral made up of hundreds of thousands of colored LEDs. This LED installation consumes 20 kWh of electricity.
City LED light installation creates a captivating illusionary effect.
Street-light-led-human installation
LED light installations attract the attention and interest of both residents and tourists.
This luminous installation not only captivates with its beauty but also offers a chance to unwind and relax in a cozy atmosphere.

3 Big LED light installations by ETEREshop

If you want to amaze the audience with City LED light installations, then take a look at three projects by ETEREshop that are capable of transforming the cityscape, giving it individuality and charm.

Interactive LED cube with 2300 LEDs by ETEREshop
A luminous LED installation with changing light effects. The LED 3D mirror can be easily installed in city locations using trusses. Choose an LED installation option that operates on batteries for greater freedom!
Vividly showcase logos alongside an LED light installation in the form of an LED infinity mirror with 8000 LEDs.

Individualized Installation Mock-ups by ETEREshop

Unique installation ideas crafted by our team, available for bespoke orders. For more information, please contact our manager e-mail: sales@etereshop.com

Outdoor interactive art
Interactive outdoor LED installation
outdoor crystal installation with leds
Monumental crystal-shaped mirror display for outdoor spaces
Outdoor LED installations
Outdoor LED light up installation to order
Huge LED lighting Festival Installation to order
Huge LED lighting Festival Installation to order
Contemporary art installations in public areas
Outdoor contemporary art lighting installation
Festival LED light up installations
Customized conceptual installations to order
crystal mirror festival art installation
Street art installation to order
Installation of street art in the form of crystals

6 Installations for museums that will inspire your visitors

Interactive illuminated installations for museums and art spaces are a way to showcase cultural heritage using modern technologies and artistic imagination.

Hundreds of lanterns create a cozy and magical atmosphere in the art space.
Big light installations create a smooth and gradual change in the light flow, resulting in a mesmerizing effect.
A massive polyhedron emits vibrant patterned light in the museum hall
An art LED installation made of woven polyester that changes color under the influence of light.
This interactive LED installation fills the floor and walls of the space with multicolored lights that change according to the seasons!
The LED installation captivates the gaze and immerses viewers in relaxation with its flickering ornaments.

3 Large Installations with LEDs by ETEREshop

Transform your space into a mesmerizing light show that will delight guests and spectators with our LED technologies! We offer 3 ways to create a luminous immersion with our products:

art installation-in-the-room
LED 3D Cube! Change the installation location, and turn the LED cube decoration into an LED curtain or column! 16,000 LEDs will allow you to create animations and logos. Photo by client @ahhaa_science
This LED installation has 3290 LEDs that sync with music and other LED products! Photo by client
LED light art installation creates the feeling that all 4100 LEDs are floating in the air!

Sketches of Large Installations developed by ETEREshop

the idea of-custom-installation-from-etereshop
1 Sketch of a multi-colored LED huge fan
The idea of an LED outdoor fan with oblong petals
Sketch of a huge LED windmill to order
Wall of LED honeycombs of unusual shape, sketch of ETEREshop
Luminous installation in the form of a crystal, developed by ETEREshop
LED installation made of honeycomb, the sketch was developed by the ETEREshop team

We are confident that we have inspired you! Don’t waste any more time and contact our manager right away at sales@etereshop.com. Share your ideas and preferences with us, and we will create an LED light installation tailored to any theme for you.

You can find more installation ideas in our article “Ideas for photo zones and decorations from Pinterest”.

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