Ideas for photo zones and decorations from Pinterest

Wow, what an amazing compilation we’ve made for you! Here are more than a hundred photo zones, sparkling designer installations and decorations from Pinterest, the beauty of which will defenetly make your head spin, and your hand will automatically reach for the phone to take a photo. No more text – just a gallery of photos.

Kes blog art museum
Design idea
Lamp for garden
Have a look at our new product: two-meter dodecahedron with 3000 LEDs
Dodecahedron with 3000 LED’s
AIRSHIP-ORCHESTRA, Interactive public art-installation
Audiovisual-installation, studio Nick Verstand
3D LED Cube Installation
Interior decoration
DIY LED Video Cube
Coffee and Art Combine in London Nicholas Alexander
NEW 3D LED Cube decoration
Dandelions Dubai
Glowing Trees
Infinity Mirrors
Fly Candle, Ingo Maurer
Decor by KatieJoArtsy
LumiSource Spyra Bar Set
Neon City
rainbow-hued light labyrinth
The Shadow Sphere
The domino effect Interactive Installation
Yayoi Kusama at David Zwirner
LED Lamp
Wings costumes from Pinterest: for Victoria’s Secret Angels, Kardashian sisters parties and Miss Universe contestants
Clouds and wings: new party photo zones
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