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Mobile LED zones for meeting guests

Are you looking for a new solution for a show or event? Or do you need an idea that will attract new clients to your business? 

LED decorations will help you with this aims, since this design can help to create a bright show and can liven up any party. 

Let’s consider 4 interesting proposals of LED decorations and their characteristics.

Let's consider 4 interesting proposals of LED decorations and their characteristics


Luminous decorations and their characteristics

Most customers opt for lighting decoration. The bright LED design looks catchy and does not require much maintenance and is easy to use. Below you can find some of them.

LED Infinity Mirror Dodecahedron Wall

light installation

Interactive LED installation is a wall of 22 LED dodecahedrons in 3 sizes: small – 320 mm / 12.5 “, medium – 450 mm / 17.7”, large – 600 mm / 23.6 “. The dodecahedrons are made of plexiglass, and the LEDs are positioned along the edges of the shape to create a mesmerizing infinity effect.

Methods of controlling effects on dodecahedrons:

The installation works in stand-alone mode, you can switch effects automatically and with your own hands. The LED effects are also radio controlled by using a 20-button remote control. And in real time, effects are switched over Wi-Fi or LAN using ArtNet software. With LED decoration we will send you a copy of the program, instructions and software for recording the effects yourselves.

LED Infinity Mirror Dodecahedron

interactive dodecahedron wall

       LED Infinity Mirror Dodecahedron is a space with dodecahedrons descending downward, where inside of it you can take pictures. In the led decoration custom lighting effects are set up, that can be synchronized with music.

Background led is powered from the mains, and if desired, individual dodecahedrons can function due to 18650 lithium-ion batteries.

High-density Smart 3D LED Cube with 16k LEDs

LED lighting decoration

The size of the LED Cube is in the photo:3 * 1.5 * 1.5 meters or 9.8 * 4.9 * 4.9 lbs. ETERESHOP will develop a 3D LED Cube of the size you need, and also, if necessary, will change the distance between the LEDs.

Number of LEDs: 16000 LEDs – 20 * 20 * 40. Due to the density of 16000 LEDs pixel led installation has the ability to display a logo, moving objects and other lighting effects. It is also powered by a network. The light installation can be transformed into a LED cube, LED curtain, column or Light Tunnel.

  The assembly glowing decoration process takes approximately 1 hour, each glowing strip is connected separately. Due to this, you can turn off 1 luminous strip, which needs to be repaired without disassembling the entire structure.

3D LED Cube installation

LED Tunnel

Animation cube 4100 LEDs - 16*16*16

The size of the LED cube in the photo: 2.45 * 2.45 * 2.45 meters / 7.4 * 7.4 * 7.4 feet. Pixel led decoration is programmable for any image and color scheme, and installation does not require much effort to be assembled.

Light effects are loaded to SD-card using Screen Recorder or ArtNet recorder, you can also synchronize them with the music. Light up decoration includes 4 pieces of 5 V power supplies, which allows the whole LED installation to work continuously for at least 2 hours.

Our designers were inspired by Jim Campbell’s Sculptural Light Installations while creating a LED Cube.

Advantages of LED zones

1.     Decor led definitely draws attention to the event. This is beneficial for promotional events aimed at interesting as many clients, investors and partners as possible.

2.     The led zone makes it easier for photographers to capture the brightest moments. The default beautiful background makes the shots more attractive.

3.     Glowing Brand zone makes photos branded, helping to create native advertising of the company. Each LED is programmable for any flag, logo or other color gradient, suitable for the design of the site or suitable for the led Brand zone.

4.     LED lighting decoration will attract at least 80% of guests and make them take selfies and record videos for hours. As a result, Instagram and TikTok accounts will be awash with photos and stories videos about your party.

5.     Also lighting decoration may be installed at home and in the backyard. At night, Glowing Installations will light up the backyard for a party and will allow you to have fun until the morning.

6.     6.Pixel led decoration will increase the loyalty of the shopping and entertainment center customers, as well as the traffic of the shopping center groups on all social networks.

7.     LED stage decoration will surprise the audience and they will come back again, which will increase your income directly.

LED installation wall

Benefits of ETERESHOP

  • 24/7 WhatsApp support.
  • We deliver goods to anywhere in the world.
  • We develop individual sketches of LED lighting decorations.
  • We guarantee the quality of the product. We will replace the product of inadequate quality as well.

Watch the video how our team assembled Smart LED 3D Cube with 4100 LEDs by ETERESHOP for a party.

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