Wall of 22 dodecahedrons – interactive photo zone with the infinity effect

The interactive wall of dodecahedrons is a development of ETEREshop that will impress even the most inveterate technophobe. 22 LED infinity dodecahedrons are perfect for clubs, hotels, casinos and various festivals. The installation is powered from the mains, which allows it to work for the required amount of time.


What kind of product is this

This interactive dodecahedron wall is an installation of 22 LED dodecahedrons of different sizes. The dodecahedrons are made of plexiglass, and the LEDs are placed along the edges of the figure to create a mesmerizing infinity effect. The photo zone allows you to stick around it for several hours.

How did the product idea come about

The idea of creating a wall of dodecahedrons is a consequence of the evolution of the company’s products. At first we made infinity dresses, then we switched to jackets and skirts and later we came across geometric primitives and decided to try to create them. To begin with, we chose the dodecahedron.

How was it created

It all started when we made a paper prototype of a dodecahedron. We have decided that there will be three types of polyhedron sizes in our wall. After deciding on the size, we have made three dodecahedrons. After looking, twisting it we have decided to make an installation in the form of a wall made of polyhedrons.

To do this, we have drawn several options for the location of the dodecahedrons in Photoshop. We have managed to decide how and in what sequence the dodecahedrons will be hanged. We have made up our mind on the materials. Unlike our other development of a large dodecahedron, here the main material was plexiglass (in a large dodecahedron, it would simply burst).

Dodecahedrons are assembled simply: they consist of two parts, which are inserted into metal faces and are connected using corners from a structural profile. If one of the parts breaks, it will be easy to replace it with a part from another dodecahedron of the same size.

Corners with which dodecahedrons are attached

Plexiglas scheme for cutting edges

Before assembling the dodecahedrons, we have rolled a mirror film onto the plexiglass, and then have sent it for cutting according to the scheme. Next, we’ve unsoldered the LED strip according to the scheme, and then glued it to the edges. We have collected the dodecahedrons and started soldering the common wires.

The common wire is made in a tree shape. Thin wires extend from the thick base to distribute power evenly. We’ve soldered extension cords to the power supplies, with the help of which power was supplied to the installation.

How is the product connected

Dodecahedrons are attached to the truss with chains. Depending on what effect do you want to achieve (wall or clouds), the number of farms changes from one or two. The product is powered by the mains, so the set includes 8 power supplies (one per line).

Each block has a connector for every line. Also on the left side there is a wire to turn on the controller. Data wires are connected from the controller (effects are transmitted through them). The dodecahedrons themselves are interconnected by conductors.

Effects are transmitted through the wires

How does the dodecahedron wall work

There are several ways to control effects on dodecahedrons. The installation works in stand alone mode (switching effects in automatic or manual mode). Effects can also be controlled by radio using a 20-button remote control.

In real time, effects can be switched over wi-fi or lan using Madrix software. Many of our clients create and record effects in it. We provide a copy of the program, instructions and software for you to record effects toyrself.

Effects control via Wi-fi

For those who know how to create video effects, we offer our Screen recorder software for recording effects. Due to it, you can record a video effect directly from your monitor screen.

How to work with Screen Recorder

The set comes with 36 effects + the user can create their own

In addition to this, our development is compatible not only with the above programs, but also works with Jinx, Resolume, etc.

Also, the dodecahedron wall works in conjunction with kinect and TouchDesigner (if desired). This means that the effects on the dodecahedron are responsive to human movement. The kinect itself should be between the dodecahedron wall and the person.

Effects react to human movement


Amount of LEDs: small – 240, medium – 317, large – 434

Amount of dodecahedrons: 22 pcs. (*customizable)

Density of LEDs: 74 LEDs/1 m or per 10 ft; small dodecahedron has 7-8 LEDs per side, medium – 10-11, large – 14-15

‘Diameter’: (there are dodecahedrons of three sizes) small – 320 mm /12.5 inches, medium – 450 mm/ 17.7 inches, large – 600 mm/ 23.6 inches

Weight: small – 950 g/ 2 p, medium – 1540 g/ 3,3 p, large – 2640 g/ 5,8 p

Stand: Truss lighting stand system (2 stands) *can be different

Operating time: powered by the mains, it can work as long as you need it

Power supply: 4 pcs, 5V, 72 amp.

Working mode: stand-alone (auto-switching, showlist available), remote control, DMX switching, radio

Colors: red, blue, purple, white, green, yellow, orange

How to switch effects: with the help of two small buttons (forward/backward) or an external switch with 2/20 buttons (for radio)

Light effects: effects are created with the help of Madrix software and uploaded to an SD card with the help of our program called Screen Recorder or via ArtNet recorder (with our software)

Controller: ESP32 or NodeMCU

Synchronization with music: available

Sound activation: available

Production time: 6 weeks for the whole wall (22 Infinity dodecahedrons)

Wall layout: customizable

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