Have a look at our new product: two-meter dodecahedron with 3000 LEDs

Meet the new development of ETEREshop – a large LED dodecahedron. The installation may be a great decoration for any party, show and any kind of performance. The impressive dimensions of the polyhedron (2×2 meters) allow it to be used as a dance floor as well, and more than 3 thousand controllable LEDs will surely make the performance unforgettable.


What kind of development it is

Dodecahedron in action

We in the company are always ready and open to new orders, ideas and suggestions. The creation of a huge (2×2 meters) LED dodecahedron was a new challenge for us and we coped with it brilliantly.

The dodecahedron is an installation with controlled LED lighting. The dimensions of the polyhedron allow it to be inside, which will cause a wow effect for everyone present.

Dodecahedron can be used both as an installation and a dance floor

Our work on the project began immediately after the client shared the sketch of the project from Pinterest with us. According to it, it had to be a dodecahedron with a diameter of two meters, where a person could climb in.

Actually we have worked with dodecahedrons and here are our products:

LED Infinity Mirror Dodecahedron by

LED Infinity Mirror Dodecahedron Wall

How did the work on the project happen?

Before starting work on a full-fledged order, we decided to make a prototype. Facets were cut from the PET sheet for a small dodecahedron. Loops were hung on the walls, which connected the faces of the polyhedron with the help of special rods.

In order to put the edges together, we bought a special flexible glue so that the edges do not break. After that we made the patterns, cut out the edges and assembled them by hand to see how everything would work.

As soon as we checked the work on a small prototype, we started producing a full-fledged order. The first problem we faced was finding a PET sheet manufacturer. Almost all of them worked with large orders, and we needed materials for the production of one product.

PET sheets

As soon as this problem was solved (we found a manufacturer in Belarus), we drew a sketch, purchased loops and cut out the edges for the dodecahedron on the laser.

(без названия)
Loops for fastening edges and rods

Here we ran into another problem. Loops for connecting the edges to each other are attached to metal rods. To disassemble the dodecahedron, you need to knock out these rods. You cannot insert them back – they bend.

We started looking for a replacement for these rods and found: now it is much easier to insert them into the grooves and they do not bend during disassembly.

(без названия)
Standard rods bend when disassembled

We assembled a dodecahedron from cut PET to check if the edges were cut correctly. After that, the dodecahedron was disassembled and given to the contractor for rolling a mirror film.

It turned out that PET sheets are covered with small bubbles and when the film is rolled, they immediately become visible. Conclusion: we needed to look for other PET sheets.

Face of a dodecahedron after rolling a mirror slick
Face of a dodecahedron after rolling a mirror slick

As soon as the mirror slick was rolled, the edges were given to the production department for gluing SMART tape. After that, they began to collect the dodecahedron.

We also made drawings for the stand from 12 mm plywood. The edges of the stand fit together like a puzzle. The stand is hollow inside. It houses the power supplies, fans and controller. The stand is held on wheels with stoppers, which allows you to move it around the stage.

After disassembling, all the faces of the dodecahedron can be assembled into a 30 cm stand, which also serves as a case.

Soldering LED strip
Soldering LED strip

How is the dodecahedron work?

It took us 5 people and an hour and a half to assemble the dodecahedron. The polyhedron itself consists of 12 polyhedra (30 sides and 20 vertices).

Assembling the dodecahedron
Assembling the dodecahedron
The edges are attached to each other with hinges

They assembled two sections: one to one, so that the piano hinges would fit into the grooves. All sides of each pentahedron are numbered and cannot be randomly assembled.

The peculiarity of PET sheets is that they are flexible. When disassembled, they immediately fold up. Therefore, the dodecahedron is held together by pulling all the facets together. We covered the joints with EVA FOAM – a composite polymer material.

The joints between the faces of the dodecahedron covered with EVA FOAM
The joints between the faces of the dodecahedron covered with EVA FOAM

How does a dodecahedron work?

The internal filling of the dodecahedron consists of three power supplies that are connected to the network. They are in a plywood stand. We also placed two fans there: one for blowing in, the other for blowing to circulate air.

The polyhedron works from the network. Effects can be controlled from the web page of the browser. For this we use the ESP-32 controller. On the WEB-page, you can change the speed, brightness, effect number, turn it on and off.

Effects work on the switched-on dodecahedron
Effects work on the switched-on dodecahedron

If desired, the effects can be switched using the controller’s two up / down buttons, as well as remotely controlled using the console panel via a radio signal. The created effects in Madrix are recorded using our Effects recorder program and transferred to a USB flash drive as files.

Many of our clients create and record effects in Madrix. We provide a copy of the program, instructions and software for recording effects.

We can also provide our Show Maker program, thanks to which you can create playlists of effects. Here’s how it works: you create a playlist in the program (it is possible to set time codes with effect numbers), copy the file created by the program to the SD card and insert it into the controller.

For convenience, Show Maker has a built-in audio player. If you have a musical performance, you can place timestamps with a single button. Then they can be easily and conveniently edited.


Weight: about 60 kilograms

Lighting angle: 360 degrees

Materials: PET sheets, mirror slick, piano hinges, SMART tape, EVA, silicone

Number of LEDs: 3280

Size: 2×1.9 meters

Working time: as long as needed, since it is powered from the mains

Working mode: autonomous, remote control

Batteries: three 5V power supplies included

Maximum power: 984W

How to switch effects: using two small buttons (forward / backward)

Lighting Effects: The effects are loaded to the SD card. Recorded using our Screen Recorder software or Effects recorder using Madrix software or similar

Sound activation: possible if there is a controller with a microphone that will react to sound

Colors: full color

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