Women’s burning man outfit ideas 2023

Women’s burning man outfit ideas 2022-2023

Are you ready for the new Burning Man festival? In just 4 months, the brightest, most creative and most limitless event in the world begins!
ETEREshop has prepared for you a selection of the most daring womens burning man outfits from past festivals and offers you new ideas for implementation of best burning man outfits.


Collection outfits burning man festival fashion

Women’s second-skin burning man suits, from flowing, iridescent materials, close-fitting. Different bright colors from different materials, mirror, from a la reptile skin and smooth as silk. They look erotic and exciting.

Women's second skin burning man suits
Women's pink and black second skin outfit for the burning man festival
outfits from burning man
A sparkling sexy bodysuit with curly shoulders for the festival
womens burning man outfits 2022
Women's sexy overalls burning man festival
burning man white outfit
White clothes burning man
burning man clothes online
Stage Wear Burning Man Festival Bodysuit Women
sparkly festival jumpsuit
Shiny long jumpsuit for the festival

Women's Burning man costume ideas by ETERESHOP

ETEREshop has a number of such festival fashion outfits in its arsenal. These costumes perfectly convey the sexy, flowing, iridescent costume. Ideal for the Burning Man festival. With such a burning man suit, you will not get lost in the crowd and will be visible from afar. We offer the creation of effects that synchronize and change color to the music. And remember – all our festival costumes are unique and we begin the creation of each suit exactly for your parameters only after it is ordered.

Gold Mirror Catsuit Lady Gaga Style with Crown
Water Queen costume
Disco Ball Silver Mirror Mask
Disco Ball Silver Mirror Mask
Mirror Kitty Festival wear Disco ball glitter sparkly mirror bodysuit “Circle” costume
Burning Man sexy sparkly outfit
Gold and Black Mirror Jaguar Kitty Costume
Mirror bodysuit with chains and LEDs
LED Silver and Gold Mirror Dance Outfit with Chains

Ideas of festival outfits to order by ETEREshop

Explore fresh festival attire concepts brought to you by ETEREshop. Get in touch with our manager email: sales@etereshop.com  to inquire about details and pricing for placing your costume orders.

LED bodysuits for festivals
LED bodysuits for festivals by ETEREshop
Sparkling mirror jumpsuits
Sparkling mirror outfit to order
LED light-up festival wear
LED light up festival wear

Revealing burning man outfits

A selection of “Aliens from other worlds” costumes that were seen at Burning Mag festivals. Comfortable leather suits or outfits of the most poisonous colors, fluffy and cute or smooth and slippery. The annual trend is high and unusual boots, flowing clothes with lots of bright patches or minimalism in clothes and colors. All of these are also Burning Man costumes. Minimalism and outrageousness are perfectly combined here. And often they are also embodied in the same costume.

white burning man outfit
Burning man women's white outfit with feathers
sexy burning man outfits
Burning man sexy black costume with a mask
idea red burning man outfit
Burning Man red outfit idea
sexy outfit festival burning man
Simple burning man outfit
hottest burning man outfits
The idea of black sexy costume with feathers for burning man
Womens revealing burning man outfits
Womens revealing burning man outfits

Womens revealing burning man outfits ideas by ETERESHOP

Womens revealing burning man outfits by ETEREshop. Mirror elements on transparent fabrics gives a stunning and wow effect. Mirror bodysuit on a transparent fabric or a sexy bodysuit made of gold and black elements – brutal and feminine, sexy and hot. We perfectly combine things that are hardly can go together. We can offer any combination of color and material. From you – outlines and desires. From us – concrete ideas and sketches. We can do more than you can think of!

burning man silver sexy bodysuit
Silver mirror bodysuit on pink fabric
burning man suit white queen idea
White Queen LED light up rainbow Cage dress outfit
Custom made Led Flamingo costume
burning man fancy dress idea
Hologram vinyl LED light up clothes burning man
sexy shiny bodysuit
Womens revealing burning man outfits by ETERESHOP
Sequin Bodysuit gold mirror dance suit on transparent fabric

New Women's festival outfits, ideas by ETEREshop

ETEREshop team has created festival outfit ideas that can be customized to your preferences and modified accordingly. You can place an order and we will tailor the outfits to your specifications. To do so, please contact our managers via email: sales@etereshop.com  

Shimmering mirror outfit
Shimmering mirror outfit
Mirror disco dresses
Shiny golden festival costume
Festival fashion 2023 by etereshop
Women's LED suit to order
Eye-catching mirror costumes
Rainbow mirror festival costume
Reflective festival clothing for women
Reflective festival clothing for women
Mirror festival attire
Mirror festival attire idea of ETEREshop
Sexy illuminated costumes
Sexy LED light up top and illuminated short skirt for the festival.
Dazzling reflective skirts
Reflective sexy mirror outfit

List of burning man dresses

Burning man costumes with royal and imperial characters. You can also look sexy and gorgeous in suits with puffy skirts, frills or multi-colored raincoats. See how spectacular and how rich the costumes look! Flamboyance makes the costume spectacular, and the person in it stands above the public. 

sexy red dress for festival
Long sexy red dress for festival 2022
long dress burning man festival
Long romantic sheer dress with sequins
burning man outfits female
Red dress with a long skirt and a plunging neckline
womens burning man outfits
Female burning men outfit
burning man clothing style
Burning man bright outfit idea
best burning man outfits
Short black dress that sparkles in the sun

Fashion Burning Man clothing ideas by ETERESHOP

You will not surprise us with costumes with magic elements. But we can surprise you by making the skirts shimmer and glow, and the cloaks become either burgundy in the color of royal robes, or mirrored or invisible. And in our show costumes can move and dance!

dress burning man
Mirror dress burning man
burning man dress glow in the dark idea
Infinity Mirror Dress with an LED Screen
mirror romantic dress
Silver Mirror Evening Dress on Transparent Fabric
ideas of women's costumes on the burning man
Ideas of women's costumes on the burning man
Womens revealing burning man outfits
Sequin disco ball mirror sleeveless mini dress unique costume
burning man glowing dress idea
LED light up dance dress galaxy gown design

Festival clothes to order

Our team has developed prototypes for the outfits to be further implemented. If you like the ideas, you can order their realization customized to your specifications by contacting our managers via email: sales@etereshop.com  

Festival fashion trends
Unusual women's outfit glows in the dark for the festival
LED light up Festival Skirt and top
Illuminated party outfits
LED light up sexy party outfit
LED rave wear
LED rave wear
Shiny sexy party outfit to order
Vibrant LED festival dresses
Luminous festival dress with LEDs
Women's LED festival clothing
Custom LED light up party outfit
Women's LED outfits
Rave women's lighting costume to order

Burning Man hats

An outfit is more than just a dress. Sometimes it is the head that can make the whole costume look unrecognizable. It can be a mask of any size, a magic ball instead of a head, the hair of Meduza’s head, or the talking hair like small alien antennas.

head accessory for the berning festival
Burning Man headwear idea
Headdress in the form of horns
Burning Man crown idea
sexy burning man costumes
Burning Man white revealing women's suit with a mirror crown idea
bright hat burning man 2022
Burning Man bright, multi-colored headwear idea
crown burning man idea
White crown with seashells. Ideas of women's costumes on the burning man

6 Burning Man hats ideas by ETERESHOP

We also boast a number of excellent products. Mirror helmet, glowing hair, crowns and masks of various shapes and materials. Show us a picture – and you will have an even prettier head!

led crown idea
Smart LED Rainbow Crown Pixel Halo
3d mirror mask for festival
3D Mirror Mask of a Silver Unicorn ‘Pierre-Henri’
burning man crown glowing idea
Luminous crown for stage image
luminous mask for burning man
High-density Smart LED Rainbow Screen Mask
Golden Skull mirror mask with crown
LED headwear for burning man
Smart LED Hat with light up Dreadlocks

Burning Man Accessory Ideas

Wings, masks, tails, bodices and bustiers. Spectacular elements to attract attention. Wings are loved by everyone because they are a symbol of flight and freedom. And freedom is the main principle and the main value of the Burning man festival.

ideas burning man style
Burning man golden wings idea
Black horns of maleficent for the festival
idea crazy burning man outfits
Burning Man giant wings idea
glasses for burning man festival
Interpretation of pilot's glasses for the Burning Man festival
idea wings blue burning man outfit
Blue mother-of-pearl wings for the burning man
Burning Man mask
Mask that creates the effect of a disco ball in the sun

 We have made hundreds of different wings, masks, and other elements for women’s burning man outfits, the task of which is to attract as much attention to you festival outfit as possible. We create wings from light and thin materials, as well as dense mechanical wings. For each type of wings, we can add LEDs for performances in complete darkness, as well as a mirror pattern for a disco ball effect in the sun.

Luminous piakok for the festival
Peacock Fantail Costume with 700
Burning Man LED mask idea
Mirror Infinity Mask – LED Respirator
mirror accessory idea
Gold mirror dance collar accessory
burning man huge wings led idea
Smart Pixel Fairy Angelic Wings
mirror swimsuit suit
Gold Disco ball glitter mirror costume
burning man glowing wings idea
LED Bellydance Rainbow wings

Send us your ideas by mail sales@etereshop.com for a new festival. Let’s create history together!

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We will implement any of your ideas, write to us e-mail: sales@etereshop.com

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