30 gleaming outfits at Coachella 2022 – review

30 gleaming outfits at Coachella 2022 – review by ETERESHOP

We’ve made a small selection of the best bright coachella outfits from the festival.

For two weekends the music did not stop at Coachella festival in California. Coachella, one of the largest and famous music festivals in the US and the world opened its music grounds for more than 750 thousand guests. 


Invisible and light Coachella outfit

It seems that these Сoachella light women outfits are made of the thinnest and weightless materials. They seem to be there, but they are not. Very feminine!

Shining bodice and transparent top - sexy and festive Coachella attire
Body make-up instead of a suit and a rope skirt - awesome Coachella inspired outfit!
Festival woman Coachella costume and shoes made of gold threads. Very impressive!

Authentic Boho and themed party Coachella outfits

Modern and revealing best boho costumes with elements of American Indian and cowboy culture look great. Ornaments, feathers and other elements of festival woman outfits make them incredibly attractive and at the same time real. They will suit great thin figures as well as plus size girls.

Top and skirt embellished with feathers - the real Coachella women themed boho queen!
Golden top, seductive tight skirt and accessories turn a girl into a real cowboy lady with a genuine Coachella style!
Best festival woman attire - rainbow colors of high boots, rope skirt and bustier and a hut as a necessary accessory.
Specially designed mirror elements and a lot of fringes – there are good examples of right Coachella themed woman festival wear!
One more Coachella themed party female outfit – a sparkling rainbow top with a fluffy hat and frills on the skirt and a fluffy pink train.
Sexy women's outfits from Coachella 2022

Coachella mirror style looks

Not only to shine, but also to reflect – this is the principle of mirror costumes. On holidays and festivals – this is a win-win option. Coachella mirror outfits suit plus size women!

A simple Сoachella themed mirror dress - stylish, feminine, mirrorable and reflective.
A festival woman mirror style dress with funny elements, boots and Micky Mouse hairstyle.
Mirror dresses are perfect with any other colors. Black long socks and black heavy boots make the whole Сoachella girls costume look like Amazon battle robe.
The combination of a gold mirror dress and a lot of robes as accesoirs looks especially gorgeous on a tanned body. Perfect plus size Сoachella fectival dress!
Exact coachella outfit - a long mirror dress, long braids and silver accessories, a small gleaming purse and boots.
Photo of a dress from the Coachella festival 2022

Bohemian Coachella outfits - sparkling materials always stop the eye

See how beautiful Coachella outfits made of flowing different materials are! Tight tops and skirts, and long outfits are also good.

Beautiful and their silver dresses a la metallic and their mood. A black top and a shiny shirt are also the winning Coachella outfits
An awesome Coachella inspired outfit consisted of metal chain bustier, metal bracelets and metal chains jewelry on the head and tight-leg glittering trousers!
A black Coachella bodice with transparent long gown with golden stars on the left girl or a flowing gleaming top on the right? We chose both!

Coachella festival woman attire - it's all about the details

See how the details complete the look. Very often it is the accessories that add a special charm to the Coachella inspired woman festival costume.

You wanna look at every detail of the Coachella outfits female - from glasses and dreadlocks to every decoration instead of a top.
Mirrored glasses, a mirrored bodice, large unusual ear-rings and bright lime and blue artificial hair - very festival Coachella style look!
One more Coachella female outfit made of fabric and golden chains.

White Coachella outfits - gathering of Greek goddesses

These style festival themed costumes look especially good together. Only white and a lot of gold!
A beautiful headdress and sexy bodysuit makes it absolutely feminine. And metal, sequins and chains complement the white Coachella wear.
Great Coachella style outfit - silver mirror bustier and long white trousers look great.
White shorts and boots and long silver glittering gown with metal chains. Amazing Coachella attire with brave make-up.

Best Coachella style outfits on our opinion

We also have our favorite coachella festival woman looks. The best themed costumes of the Coachella festival 2022 we choose the following:

A shiny sexy bodysuit for the Coachella Festival
Bright bodysuit for the Coachella Festival
Sexy glowing women's outfit with chains, a perfect idea for the Coachella festival
Luminous mask for the image for the festival
The idea of a brilliant costume for the Coachella Festival
outfit-for-the-coachella festival
A shiny bodysuit with a hat, gloves and booties is an ideal look for the Coachella festival

If you haven’t found an idea of how to create your outfit, check out the article Women’s burning man outfit ideas 2022

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