Collection 2022 – results of the year

Collection 2022 – results of the year

In this article, we will sum up 2022 and show you the collection of costumes for stage, circus, dance shows and other performances that we have designed, drawn and made in the previous year. Creating our costumes starts with its sketch, visualization in the 3D Clo program, and then specialists take over, turning the picture into a real costume that you can touch and wear.

In addition, manufacturing the costume is also to bring something new to it, to add some interesting features and  to make it inimitable and unique.


Mirror costumes for stages with the disco ball effect

Mirror costumes have a disco ball effect due to the reflection of sun rays from the mirror. We use acrylic mirror itself is lightweight, quite unpretentious in work and maintenance.

Men’s and women’s mirror costumes 2022

And ahead – a number of our new products. See how the costume concept looks in CLO 3D rendering software, and then how this finished costume looks on real models.

A gold mirror suit a-la snakeskin. Its uniqueness is in the matched, different-shaped tiles of mirror gold acrylic. Thestage mirror disco ball suit allows the model to move naturally and dance without restrictions.
Men's Mirror Disco Ball Suit
Men’s golden mirror costume a-la Python” for artists of various dance and circus shows. An unusual combination of mirror particles imitating snakeskin and the use of fine and noble chiffon in a men's suit.
Women’s sexy gold and red Matador costume
Women’s sexy gold and red Matador costume consists of stylish stage trousers flared at the bottom and a small open bolero. The uniqueness of the costume is in the Spanish floral decor throughout the costume made of mirror gold acrylic of various shapes.
Gold mirror Lady Gaga Style costume
Gold mirror Lady Gaga Style costume with flared pants. Pay attention to the fact that golden mirror particles make patterns in the form of diverging circles in the costume!
Sexy and seductive Female Adult Cat Costume
Sexy and seductive female adult cat costume, decorated with circles of various pink mirror tiles of different diameters. It is both beautiful and interesting and does not prevent the model from actively dancing and moving. A mask made in the same style adds sexuality to the whole look.
unique woman mirror suit
One costume - many images! A unique mirror suit for a large number of transformations. Thanks to the detachable train, the mirror dress turns into a mirror jumpsuit. The transition of the acrylic mirror from gold to silver is used here.
Mirror blazer with LED light up shawl
Mirror blazer with LED light up shawl. An unhackneyed combination of a mirrored blazer and an LED shawl. The play of light of the shawl and of the blazer each time gives a new unexpected lighting effect. And put a disco-ball effect on it and you have a riot of unexpected colors on stage!
mirror shiny adult female astronaut outfit for the Burning Man festival
A beautiful and tight-fitting stage costume based on a stretchable and comfortable fibertec with silver mirrored tiled. And if you place the model in a colorful environment, then the model will sparkle with new, reflected colors. The combination of mirrored scales, skin-tight jumpsuit and mirrored helmet is reminiscent of fantastical space suits.

Sexy sparkly costumes for parties and shows

To be noticeable at parties, you need to be different, bright and noticeable. Our mirror costumes reflect light, they shine on their own and surprise with their diversity and interesting traits. Besides they are sexy and seductive!

sexy sparkly women's outfit for festival 2023
Sexy outfit with silver-red mirror velour bodysuit, boots and crown for artists. There are never too many interesting details. A leotard with mirrored tiles in white and red, high boots with garters, a crown of an unusual shape, and almost weightless inserts of transparent white velour on the sleeves.
Sexy black and gold women's outfit made of soft velvet and mirror pieces, and with almost invisible gold chains. This costume consists of many daring elements. Take off your gloves or hat, and the image will change immediately.
custom mirror bodysuit from sketch to costume creation
Sexy short silver mirrored jumpsuit with a very deep plunge and almost open back. In addition, the mirror particles create geometric patterns in the stage suit. Altogether it looks amazing. And when the model moves in and the effect of the discoball occurs, all attention will surely be on the model.
sketch of the LED bodysuit and its implementation
A very original gold and silver stage costume in which the model will shine and sparkle. The mirror tiles of the leotard and overshoes create the disco ball effect and shine brightly in artificial light and in sunlight. And LED lights, which are placed throughout the costume between the mirror parts, create even more lighting effects. What happens when two lighting effects complement? Unusual and memorable show!
gold mirror bodysuit with metal chains.
Minimalist and revealing gold mirror bodysuit with metal chains. An open back, an interesting and deep neckline in the front, metal chains - everything is very feminine and very sexy.
We changed the basis for the leotard and the image has changed. Bright green fibertec immediately made the costume extraordinary and memorable. Add accessories such as thigh-high socks, dreadlocks, crowns or shawls and a new unusual stage look is ready.
shiny -sexy-outfit-for-dancers
Interesting details of this silver mirror bodysuit is a pink stretched base, a leotard with winged elements on the shoulders and hips, an unusual cut of the whole suit. All together it looks very impressive!
The sunny golden mirror bodysuit with interesting elements – playful garters and metal chains on the hips and sunny mirrored weightless crown.

LED Costumes for Outdoor and Indoor Shows

One of the most important advantages of LED suits is that they are visible both at night and during the day. LED programmable suits differ not only in models, and also in the number of diodes. The higher the density of the LEDs, the more complex effects can be broadcast on the costume, such as animation, logo, text or even image. Also, one of the most important advantages is the ability to synchronize costumes with each other, with music and light effects of the show. Programmable LED suits work for about 2 hours on batteries, if necessary, we can increase the working time of the suit, but it is better to discuss this with the manager.

LED Light up Stage Outfits

Studded LED biker vest with animation screen
Studded LED biker vest with animation screen. This outfit obviously hits on the target - you can show emotions with movements and enhance them with light and sound effects. A large LED screen allows you to do it one hundred percent!
cosplay-butterfly wings-for-women
LED wings consisting of many luminous circles of different diameters. They look very delicate and fragile and at the same time very attractive. Looks great under spotlights and outdoors.
gymnastic suit with LED screens
Time to show bright costumes for active performances. A gymnastic suit with LED screens and 10,000 LEDs allows to show many light and sound effects on the suit during the performance.
elegant stage dress consisting of a transparent organza and a corset
An elegant stage dress consisting of a corset. The corset is made up of LED circles of different sizes and can change their colors. Very unusual!
A great accessory and a piece of clothing. A LED shining skirt-corset in the form of a table-stand. Beautiful, tasty, and always in live accompaniment. The skirt-stand is made of transparent plastic with LED elements.
men's LED infinity mirror vest
A stage vest with LED elements in the form of four-pointed stars. It looks brutal when the dancer puts it on a naked body, and very unusual when the stars bloom on it with the colors of the rainbow with infinity mirror effect.
Sparkling short stage LED dress with a deep plunge. All over its area there are infinity mirrors of different sizes. Such a bewitching show!

Stage Cosplay Costumes

A Stage Cosplay Ursula Dress created according to the sketches of nature. We just repeated the shapes. Skirts in the form of octopus tentacles with suction cups and LED lights. Feeling of the depths and the ocean, and marine fairy tales. Gloves are made in the form of sharp nails.
Golden mirror butterfly wings. Look at the fine jewelry work! Such wings will decorate any stage outfit. Made of golden mirror tiles, they look both gentle and very elegant. Attached to the back with special hooks.
A flowerish LED dress. The skirt is made of huge LED petals of transparent organza. Looks like royalty!
Over 7500 LEDs and two hours of work for a Cosplay Warrior Samurai LED Costume. The stage warrior suit is made from a plastic base with eva parts. The costume consists of several elements, the main coat, a helmet, knee pads. Each element has LEDs that create the different lighting effects, as well as logos, texts and even pictures.
A gold and black mirrored costume with a carousel skirt. The costume is made of tight gold mirror trousers and a gold and black top. A skirt-stand in the form of a booth with hanging mirror horses looks fantastic!
Another mirror tight suit. Its distinctive features are mirrored large pink tiles, a 3D unicorn mask and a stylized tail. All together creates a wonderful stage image, and the details of the costume do not hinder movements and allow you to act freely on stage.
A silver mirror tight costume with a 3D Cat mask. The mirror tiles are quite large,and it creates the effect of a strong and aggressive look. The costume is completed with stylized mirrored gloves, a long cat-like mirrored tail and a 3-D mask.
A gorgeous evening dress for any figure from the silver mirrored tiles. It will look even more beautiful on luxurious plus-size figures. The image is complemented by an unusual, very light head decoration-crown. An interesting decision in the cut of the sleeves, and the neckline adds femininity to the dress.

LED Cosplay Helmets

The LED helmet of the villainous hero Mean Morris - has all the villainous elements - satanic red horns, a cigarette and even smoke from it. LED cosplay Mean Morris helmet has been specially designed for event agencies. It’s an ideal LED helmet for clubs and dance shows as the mask is bright enough and funny to grip anyone’s attention.
What looks just as fiery in the DJ image is a fire helmet. Fiery and incendiary tunes are best played in the right costume. A fire helmet not only looks like a flame, but also shines and shimmers with colors of fire. Just like a real one!
Another mask that is perfect for both a DJ or any other stage costume. A LED helmet-screen in the form of an owl. Wanna see phrases, words, logotypes, any pictures or emotions on it? Not a question! 600 LEDs will help to show everything you wish.
Another interesting project is the LED eye. Not only is it made in the form of an LED screen with an eye and a pupil, but eyelashes located on top imitate the eye and givie the eye a special appeal. The screen with more than 1800 leds allows you to place various logos and designs, and the glowing eyelashes are made of side-glow fiber 3mm or 2mm. Better watch the video to see all the features of this eye helmet.
Stylish LED helmet shape made of black plastic and 3600 LEDs. This density allows you to display all sorts of effects on the screen. The helmet is universal, suitable for men and women. For comfort, a small fan is built into it. It is comfortable to work in it, the LEDs shine in a direction and do not interfere with the person who wears it.
LED High Density Screen Polygonal Mask. This LED mask has an unusual polygonal shape at the edges and is suitable for models of any gender. It has more than 3600 LEDs in it and has great possibilities. It really differs from any other masks and helmets by its shape and light effects. Great for DJs and any entertainers.
LED helmet made of black plastic that can send you any messages, even from Cupid with hearts and kisses. 918 LEDs will help with this task. In addition, the helmet can broadcast various light and sound effects and works in maximum mode for more than an hour.

The past year has been highly productive for the development of new and exciting costumes. We are optimistic that this year will also be abundant in creative costume options. Browse our selection and choose the ones that appeal to you. Our managers e-mail: sales@etereshop.com would be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect costume for your project, as well as answer any questions you may have. We are proud to offer a range of costumes that are sure to add flair to your performances.

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