25 LED Glasses by ETERESHOP for Muse Dancers for Simulation World Tour

25 LED Glasses by ETERESHOP for Muse Dancers for Simulation World Tour

ETERESHOP has many famous clients. We recently worked with the British company Muse. They were preparing new stage costumes for their world tour Simulation. All costumes, by the way, are designed by well-known fashion stylist Cristina Acevedo. In tandem with them, we developed 25 LED glasses masks for the dancing troupe.

LED light up glasses mask by ETEREshop

These mask-glasses are LED-screens with 300 LEDS each on which you can show various lighting effects. The density of LEDs is 25*8 pixels or 144 LEDs per 10 ft². LED screen mask is covered with mirror coating. And there is a mirror plastic  on top of the leds so that when the device is off, the diodes are not visible.

See what costumes are turned out and how spectacular the screens of the masks look both in the light of lamps and in daylight street lighting HERE.

Photos from the MUSE concert

LED masks make any outfit specific and vivid. Suitable for both, men and women
LED masks can be synchronized
LED glasses masks can be synchronized with each other and with other elements of the LED stage costume.
Various lighting solutions are possible.
Various lighting solutions are possible.
LED Screen masks
See how bright and different LED Screen masks can be. And it seems to be very beautiful!
programmable led glasses masks
In daylight, the costumes look very impressive. The mask creates light effects during the day. And still very visible.
light up mask by etereshop
The light mask creates a mysterious and beautiful effect. Take off their LED screen masks and it will be completely different.
Musicians-dancers with trombones and LED masks are something new.
Musicians-dancers with trombones and LED glasses masks are something new.
led light up glasses mask
One costume, one LED screen mask - many stage possibilities.

We invite you to take a closer look at the mask, which was so well presented on stage by the dance troupe of the MUSE group. Follow the link

In the meantime, we are waiting for a new tour, we are ready to prepare any of your orders and desires. Write to our managers and prepare your performances. We will be happy to help you with your new stage look.

Check out our other stories with famous people HERE.

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