7 looks for summer fests

The coronavirus pandemic canceled the 2020 summer festivals and cut their number in 2021 But that doesn’t mean you can’t party outdoors and enjoy the most romantic time of the year. It is much more pleasant to do this in cool and unusual costumes. See which bows we’ve picked up. Content: Sexy bodysuits Stunning feather […]

NEW Face masks 2020

New Face Mask Collection

Although sales for showbiz have dropped significantly recently due to obvious reasons, interest in our LED and mirror face masks has even risen. Mandatory mask-wearing makes not only bloggers and models but also non-public people interested in fashionable masks. That’s why we’ve decided to create a face mask collection for people not necessary in showbiz or event entertainment […]

Air screen 3D LED logo outfit

How to make MONEY with LED costumes

Dancers, gymnasts and acrobats, DJ’s and musicians, flyboard riders, party hosts, animation artists, festival organizers and fashion designers are always searching for new ways to amuse their clients. In today’s article you will find out how you can increase your revenue and better your craft using the latest word in stage attire – light up […]

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