NEW Face masks 2020

New Face Mask Collection

Although sales for showbiz have dropped significantly recently due to obvious reasons, interest in our LED and mirror face masks has even risen. Mandatory mask-wearing makes not only bloggers and models but also non-public people interested in fashionable masks.

New Face Mask Collection

                                                                         Smart LED Face Mask by ETERESHOP

One more reason was that because of the pandemic crisis in many spheres of life, including event planning and fashion, our team has fewer orders to design and create. So we wanted to cheer them up a bit and give them creative tasks to realize.

ETERESHOP has designed this collection not for profit as we dropped prices for new face masks. We’ve made it for the sake of saving the team and its spirit.

Smart LED Face Mask Horizontal Strips by ETERESHOP           LED Mask

Black and Silver Mirror Face Mask by ETERESHOP
Silver Mirror Face Mask with Spikes by ETERESHOP

Smart LED Face Mask minimalist style by ETERESHOP (Копировать)          Pixel Mask

Silver Face Mask Broken Mirror Style
Smart PL LED Face Mask Fetish Style by ETERESHOP

The design of most masks was chosen by you – people voted for the best sketches of future masks on our Instagram page. We’ve created poll winner masks and now they are available for order in our online store.

We’ve started from six face masks you’ve voted for the best for a test. They are already available for order in our store. In the case of positive feedback, we’ll continue creating new masks based on your choice.

steampunk mirror mask with infinity mirror parts

Silver Infinity Mirror Beak Mask by ETERESHOP

Poly mask with gold mirror triangle tiles

Gold Mask Mirror Triangles by ETERESHOP main
beak mirror mask decorated with the led strip
Silver Beak Mask with Mirrors and LEDs by ETERESHOP
Mirror silver mask with long feathers
Silve Face Mask with Feathers by ETERESHOP main
low poly mirror mask
Silver Face Mask Low Poly Design by ETERESHOP main
Pale Gold Mirror Poly Face Mask by ETERESHOP main

Here are sketches of face masks that got fewer votes from you but are still candidates for future realization

silver low poly face mask

mask with beads

face mask with feathers

face mask with a ledlips patch

mirror low poly mask with mirror fangs

steampunk luminous mask with extra-bright leds

face mask collection

mirror mask with dragon scales

leather fetish mask

face mask with extra-bright leds

led heart mask

glam mask with teeth

cyberpunk led mask

mask with mirror teeth

mirror mask with a silver butterfly

face mask with led buttons pattern

sequin fashion face mask

sequin mask with floral pattern

low poly gold mirror mask

mask with a smile made of leds

shart-shaped face mask with led strips

mirror poly mask with spikes

animalistic mask with animalistic pattern

cosplay mask with elf ears

covid face mask

cyberpunk cosplay mask with infinity mirror elements

mirror mask with led strips

animalistic mirror face mask

glitter mask decorated with chains and beads

layered leather mask

face mask with spikes and belts

fashion face mask

glowing face mask with leds

belly dance mask decorated with beads

face mask with a lips pattern

minimalistic face mask with the led strip

led face mask with pl bulbs

mirror face mask with teeth

mirror face mask with teeth

mirror skull mask

glittery face mask with floral-like ornament

face mask collection

animalistic mirror face mask

face mask collection

face mask covered with spikes

face mask with mirror moustache

face mask with a zip

Mirror silver and black mask with round infinity mirror element in the center

glam face mask decorated with beads of different sizesd

cosplay face mask decorated with mirror pieces

glam rock mask with spikes and mirrors

lether face mask with spikes

Infinity mirror mask sketch

glitter mask with two layers of mirrors

Share your thoughts about our new face mask collection on Instagram, Facebook or via email.
Feel free to suggest your oen fashion mask design!

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