2020 Summed Up: Big Names, Bright Projects

2020 pandemic and two waves of lockdown all over the globe have ruined lots of plans for great shows, big festivals, premiers, and concerts.

But in spite of that, we’ve managed to collaborate with some outstanding performers and brands before and during the COVID-19 outbreak this year. 

Below you will find just some of the names and 2020 big events ETERESHOP is proud of creating costumes and accessories for this year. It’s the first article from the cycle of 2020 summary articles, so keep checking for more.

Trinity Fatu aka Naomi

Place & time: January 2020; the Minute Maid Park Houston, TX, the USA

  Naomi is a two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion and a living legend in WWE. She returned to the ring at Royal Rumble and emerged on Super SmackDown at the beginning of 2020. Together with a glowing neon outfit LED headwear by ETERESHOP made her entrance epic. Light effects changed throughout her way, from abstract to the facial expression. 

Lots of people wondered how could Naomi see through such a bright LED spherical mask as she moved so confidently. But the answer is easy – the glowing helmet is transparent, its’ not a solid LED screen, and when lights are on it seems that there’s no chance to see through it, but it’s quite contrary.

After her bright appearance in a Smart LED Screen Helmet, we’ve been contacted by some of her most devoted fans to make a copy of the same LED accessory.

BMW X1 Plug-in-Hybrid Commercial

Place & time: May 2020; Germany

Just like many others, this was a ‘secret order’, i.e. we didn’t know where our Smart LED armor costumes were going to be used apart from the fact that there’s going surfing to be involved. Big brands often prefer to remain anonymous to keep the intrigue while working on a project or a show. 

And then one day we found the resulting work – commercial video with our glowing suits for promotion of the BMW X1 hybrid model.

Most often such Smart light-up armor outfits are used for dance LED shows. This time it was different. We changed the design of LED helmets a bit so that they would meet the requirements – perfect fit during the most active movements while sand surfing. Hundreds of LEDs on each suit lit up not only the figures of surfers but sand around as well, producing an effect on a fire wave.

Germany's Next Top Model 2020 Final

Place & time: May 2020; Friedrichstadt-Palast, Berlin, Germany

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic in Germany, the live final aired without a live audience in the studio. Nevertheless, the scale of the show was on top as always. The final show included several runways with three finalists and for one of them show organizers have decided to use our LED and mirror outfits.

The catwalk started with three Smart pixel peacock fantails 1000 LEDs each with synchronized light effects on them. Pixel fantails opened up and revealed the personalities of the three finalists of the show. High silver mirror overshoes reflected lights around and added glow to the luminous looks of competitors.

Smart LED dress with mirror coverage was just the recent novelty in our online store and we’ve made two more models with different tops for the final of GNTM 2020. Light effects on them were synchronized at some points and completely different in terms of the color palette at others to underline the different personalities of contestants. 

Polina Gagarina at St. Petersburg Open 2020 Closing Show

Place & time: October 2020; Sibur Arena, Saint Peterburg, Russia

Large Smart fantails are often chosen for performances on large stages as they are bright, have 1000 LEDs, and are 3,8 meters high – it’s hard to stay unnoticed.

We can only guess what other shows and clients could 2020 bring to us if it wasn't for the COVID-19 outbreak. We are differently looking forward to the upcoming year 2021 and all its prospects and surprises.

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2020 Summed Up: New Technologies and Achievements
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