Angel Wings Collection 2020: Cosplay Costume Ideas

What started as a single project of a cheaper yet amazingly looking product turned into an angel wings collection. We wanted to experiment with forms and materials and the strategy was to give you a product with a larger value and a lower price in the current situation in the world entertainment business.

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Cosplay Angel Wings Costumes Adult

The first wings project from the new collection was a white angel wings cosplay costume accessory. Polyethelene foam is a popular material for cosplay angel wings, it’s lightweight, flexible, yet volumetric. The question was how many layers do we need and how to cut them to get the effect that we wanted to reach – large fairy wings with dozens of feathers that can be used not just for motionless posing.

Cosplay-Angel-Wings-layersThe project of adult fairy wings in progress

The final version of feather angel cosplay wings has 11 layers of foam. In spite of the size (wings are about 4 meters/ 3 feet) long they weigh 1,3 kilos (2,8 pounds). All wings models from our cosplay wings collection have shoulder harnesses and finger strap holders. All this allows moving large wings like real ones. You can create an elaborate performance with them, including sharp swings and turns.

  • Materials: polyethylene foam, fabric strips
  • Construction: 11 layers of polyethylene foam with 6 different sizes of layers
  • Size (of both wings): approx. 4 meters or 13 feet
  • Weight: approx. 1,3 kg or 2,8 pounds
  • Color: white
  • Time of work: unlimited (subject to correct and careful usage)
  • Production time: 2 weeks

Large angel wings turned out to be a great success. We’ve already sold several dozens of our cosplay wings to different parts of the world and orders keep coming in as well as custom orders with personalized alterations in standard models of wings.

Have a look at amazing pics from our clients

Pixel Fairy Wings of an Angel

The next project was customized fairy wings with 100 Smart LEDs. The base was the
same as for pure white angel wings but with 50 LEDs scattered over each wing.
The wings looked like a part of a fairy costume. Soon we’ve added twice as many
LEDs to the new model of 
light-up wings of a fairy, i.e. 100 LEDs per each wing to add up more shining and make it possible to show more complex effects..

·         Amount of LEDs: 200, 100 per each wing

·         Materials: polyethylene foam, fabric strips, LEDs, wires

·         Construction: 11 layers of polyethylene foam with 6 different sizes of layers

·         Size (of both wings): approx. 4 meters or 13 feet

·         Weight: approx. 1,3 kg or 2,8 pounds

·         Operating time: approx. 2 hours and more

·         Working mode: stand-alone, remote control, DMX switching

·         Batteries: 1 Li-ion, 1800 Mah, Flat top *not included in the set

·         Color: white (base) + red, blue, purple, white, green, yellow, orange (LEDs)

·         How to switch effects: with the help of two small buttons (forward/backward) + each costume part can be controlled separately and each will have an individual controller

·         Light effects: effects are uploaded to an SD card with a help of Windows SD card recorder or ArtNet SD card effect recorder

·         Time of work: unlimited (subject to correct and careful usag

  • Production time: 2 weeks

Black Wings for Devil Cosplay Outfit Adult

Some ideas of modified cosplay wings for adults concerned color of the product. Right before Halloween, we’ve received an order concerning black wings. We’ve experimented with materials and in the end, chose black spunbond in combination with EVA foam. Since spunlaid is more lightweight than polyethylene foam, wing feathers look even more agile, but EVA foam keeps the whole construction of black Lucifer wings in shape.

Halloween costume wings look not like angelic wings turned black, but more like large crow wings. This makes the whole look more devilish.

  • Materials: spunbond, EVA foam, fabric strips
  • Construction: 11 layers of spunbond with 6 different sizes of layers
  • Size (of both wings): approx. 4 meters or 13 feet
  • Weight: approx. 2,3 kg or 5 pounds
  • Color: black
  • Time of work: unlimited (subject to correct and careful usage)
  • Production time: 2 weeks

Silver Wings for a Festival Costume

Another recent cosplay wings modification that concerned color is the silver angel wings project. We needed shiny, yet flexible, and relatively lightweight material. Polyethylene foam with aluminium foil is non-standard material, but its usage allowed us to achieve the required characteristics as well as keep this product within a relatively low price range.


The foil looks especially great in colored lighting. The silver wings don’t scatter sunbeams around like mirror wings but look like change color, depending on the color of the lighting.

Apert from the cosplay wings we have lots of other models of wings available in our store, including LED screen and belly dance wings

Wanna ctreate your own custom Wings?
We're waiting for your ideas!

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