2020 Christmas Price Drop: -50% Off on Mirror Costumes with the New Technology

We are constantly working on new technologies or updating the existing ones to reduce investment risks and make our products more affordable while retaining the same quality. One of our recent projects concerned the production of mirror costumes.

We launched a -30% discount season on mirror costumes on July, 1 to help artists during the pandemic crisis. We removed our profit from the price. All this time we were developing the new technology of production that would allow us to drop prices permanently as a non-stop anti-crisis measure.

Finally, ETERESHOP is ready to introduce the new technology of mirror costumes creation. It reduces the time of production and labor requirements, thus dropping the price up to -50%. 2020 crisis spurred sooner release of the updated technology.

New Technology


Each mirror tile was glued to the base of a mirror outfit separately, all by hands. Now we can work on several parts of one or different costumes at the same time. The whole creation process is less time consuming now and we are able to produce more items at a given time than it was before the introduction of the new technology. This technology lowers production time approx. TWICE.


Now we use cardboard blanks and plastic stencils (for part of our costumes) to fix the fabric base of a mirror costume steadily and mark up gluing points. Stencils are carefully cut for a specific costume with slots to apply glue. The glue used for new mirror costumes differs from the one we used before. It takes longer to dry so that there’s enough time for the next step and for the preparation of other costume bases. Then we take a list with mirror tiles cut in a pattern to match the mirror clothing you are working on. The rest is easy – put it over the base with glue.

New technology mirror costume
Mirror clothing new technology
Mirror costumes new technology of production ETERESHOPv
Disco Ball Silver Jacket Broken Mirror Style

All you have to do next is to remove plastic stencils (if they are used), cardboard blanks and glue parts of the costume like armpits, knees, etc. They are difficult to stretch with the rest of the costume, so it’s easier to glue them in the end.

Mirror clothing new technology ETERESHOP
Mirror clothing new technology ETERESHOP
Mirror man hat new tehcnology
Mirror Man Hat

The updated technology can be used for mirror costumes with relatively large or middle-size mirror tiles. The mirror costumes by ETERESHOP made according to this technology are still 100% hand made. But we can speed up the process now and make the production more cost-effective.


Working out all the whole package of documents and patterns (including tests) for one mirror product takes 80+ hours. That’s why we can apply the new technology to mirror costumes of standard sizes only (XS, S, M, L, XL). The creation of mirror outfits with personalized measurements would take much more time. This will nullify the time we save at the point of attaching mirrors and make the price drop impossible.

The new technology lowers the production time and the price up to -50%

Get products you've dreamed about but couldn't afford with a -50% discount!

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