7 looks for summer fests

The coronavirus pandemic canceled the 2020 summer festivals and cut their number in 2021 But that doesn’t mean you can’t party outdoors and enjoy the most romantic time of the year. It is much more pleasant to do this in cool and unusual costumes. See which bows we’ve picked up.


Sexy bodysuits

Well-chosen bodysuits are the key to a successful look at any festival. We spied onwhich ones were at Burning Man and were shocked. See for yourself:

Stunning feather and cloth wings

Accessories in the form of wings complement and make any costume at the festival absolutely unique and amazing.

Black Angel Wings Halloween Costume Devil Cosplay Outfit
Smart Pixel Fairy Wings Cosplay Angel Costume
Smart Pixel Fairy Wings Cosplay Angel Costume

Hadwears: hats

In sunny and hot weather, hats not only serve as a means of protection, but also as an accessory that emphasizes a particular style. Here’s how they look great at Burning Man:

Smart LED Crown with a Collar Egypt Style

LED suits

It takes a lot of work to beat these bows in brightness. LED costumes can literally light up any party.

Glasses as an irreplaceable attribute

What is summer without glasses? At any festival, they are almost an irreplaceable absolutely necessary thing. And, of course, they may be the one element that sets you apart from the crowd.

Mask is an absolutely necessary attribute of the time

The coronavirus pandemic has turned life upside down. This also affected the fashion industry: instead of disposable masks, designers began to come up with stylish accessories. Here are some bows with some of them:


Even the most original bow would be incomplete without cool shoes or boots. See what we found:

The source of the photos:





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