Have you seen “Cruella” movie? Here  are the villainess’ five cool looks


Have you watched Cruella? How do you like it? We were impressed by the images most of all in our company: amazing, bright and enchanting. We’ve collected in one material the main information about the costumes that we saw in the films.

Emma Stone as Cruella

Who has created the costumes

Jenny Bevan is an artist having an Oscar award for Mad Max behind: Fury Road and A Room with a View. “Cruella” came out for the 70-year-old artist one of the biggest projects of her career.

Jenny is still that fashionista. At the Oscars in 2016, she appeared on the stage of the Dolby Theater, where the ceremony took place, in jeans and a leather jacket, inlaid with diamonds in the form of a skull and a burning flame.

Jenny Bevan at the Academy Awards, 2016. Photo – Kevin Winter

The history of the film

The image of Cruella de Ville appeared in 1956. It belongs to the writer Dodie Smith, she adored Dalmatians. It was she who wrote the cult novel 101 Dalmatians. The plot appeared after one of her guests saw puppies and joked about them. The meaning was this: “they would make a good fur coat.”

Dodie Smith with her Dalmatian


The main villain of the book was named Cruella de Ville. The heroine’s surname may have come from a Rolls-Royce coupe-de-ville, which Smith bought back in 1939. Cruella de Ville first appeared in cinema in 1961. It was a cartoon drawn by a talented animator Mark Davis (he invented image of Maleficent).

In 1996, the film “101 Dalmatians” was finally released. The role of Cruella in it was played by Glenn Close. For her she received a Golden Globe. Even then, outfits became the dignity of the film. By the way, the actress took them for herself after filming (these were the terms of the contract).

What is the new film about

The new Cruella does not like fur, does not smoke, but she does not take insolence. The plot of the film takes place in the 70s of the XX century, when punk rock was appearing all around the world. Cruella, aka Estella, dreams of a design career as a child and gradually realizes it. The fashion industry and Baroness Von Hellmann (Estella’s employer and main enemy) turns the girl into a ruthless Cruella. After that, the style of the heroine also changes greatly.

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Estella’s minimalistic suits

Before turning into a tough Cruella, Estella dresses modestly. She is distinguished by red hair. The rest of her style consists of dark gray or black suits. According to Bevan herself, the image of Estella was inspired by the legend of the German punk scene Nina Hagen, namely the photo where she sits cross-legged.

Estella before becoming Cruella

Spectacular dress that violated the dress code grately

In a new stylistic role, Estella appears at the black and white ball at the Baroness. She comes there in a white cloak, which was then set on fire. Underneath, Estella is wearing a red dress that violates the style rules of the assembled event.

Cruella’s Red Dress


Here Jenny Bevan took as a basis a draped dress by designer Charles James (50s of the XX century). For the heroine, it was made from thin strips of fabric. According to the plot, Estella found this dress in a vintage shop and altered it to her taste.

Charles James dress from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum

Sex Pistols Style Dress

We have already written that the new Cruella is closely related to punk culture. You can feel it in almost every outfit. In the 1970s, the punk movement was born in London. Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and musician Malcolm McLaren open a punk clothing store in 1971.

After McLaren became the producer of the cult Sex Pistols, and Westwood created the images of the musicians, attentive viewers will notice a direct connection with the punk culture of the 70s in the film. The tape used the Sex Pistols font from the cover of the punk album – “Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols”. 

In the spirit of the images of Vivienne Westwood, the image of Cruella with a military jacket and a huge skirt came out. The costume designers found the jacket in a vintage Los Angeles store. Well, the skirt was sewn by the whole world: students, trainees and craftsmen all around the world helped.

Students at work on a dress

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Revenge dress

In one of the scenes in the film, a garbage truck arrives at the Baroness’s event and unloads Cruella along with a pile of garbage. The trash turns out to be items from the recent collection of Cruella’s opponent. Top of Emma Stone’s heroine was made from newspapers. Together with the cut, it refers to the Dior of the Galliano era. “Garbage” is a train of a dress that flutters behind the car.

Makeup artist and hair stylist Nadia Stacy gave Cruella a Marie Antoinette-style hairstyle in this look. She explained her choice by a strong childhood impression that little Estella received by accidentally attending a costume ball in the 18th century style at the Baroness’s estate.

The Plume of Cruella’s Dress

As for makeup, here the image of the main character was influenced by British rock singer Susie Sue and an unknown silent film actress, whose photo appeared on the artist’s mood board.

Susie Sue

Dress with references to Alexander McQueen

Film director Craig Gillespie compares Cruella to designer Alexander McQueen: “His opposition to the establishment, shocking shows and provocation is very similar to what Cruella does.”

Hence the references to the work of the designer in the form of a dress, completely embroidered with butterfly dolls. Butterflies were a frequent symbol in McQueen’s collections. After the death of the designer, the creative director of Alexander McQueen Sarah Burton made the first collection from dresses embroidered with artificial butterflies. In the film, by the way, they are real.

Dress from the Alexander McQueen collection, spring-summer 2011

And what about the Baroness’s outfits?

If Cruella in the film goes through the punk, then the Baroness (Emma Thompson) is much more conservative in outfits. Her era is the 50-60s of the XX century. For the Emma Thompson’s heroine, the artist has chosen sculptural silhouettes in the spirit of Dior and Balenciaga. The Baroness’s wardrobe is a restrained color palette, classic glamorous cuts, traditional taffeta, silk and satin duchess, intricate turbans and massive diamond jewelry. This all contrasts with Cruella’s provocative outfits.

In total, Jenny Bevan designed 47 costumes for Cruella and 33 for Emma Thompson. She calls her favorite costume a rat camouflage suit, made for Migun’s Chihuahua. Here it is:

Chihuahua “Migun” in a rat costume


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