People who make ETEREshop a global brand

  We are telling about people who manually make costumes for world celebrities and brands.


What kind of company is ETEREshop

Since 2012, the ETEREshop company has been producing LED and mirror suits, which can be seen in the clips of Muse, Daddy Yankee and advertisement for BMW, SONY. The company’s products are being sold throughout Europe and the United States, and the staff has grown to 40 people in 9 years of work.

People who make ETEREshop a global brand

The ETEREshop team consists of programmers, designers, marketers, technologists, assemblers and sales managers. All these guys make a unique product, but they remain invisible. Correcting ourselves we start telling about the team whose products are used by world celebrities.

Who stands for ETEREshop

Sergei Voitovich and Marina Goretskaya are former circus performers. Until 2011, the couple managed to travel around Belarus and Europe with their performances, and then there happened a financial crisis. There were fewer performances, and more people who became interested in Marina and Sergei costumes. 

Sergei Voitovich and Marina Goretskaya

In 2012, the couple sent their first order to Germany (this customer became a permanent one). In 2016, the costumes from Marina and Sergey were ordered by the dancer Daddy Yankee. The company then made the jacket for Miley Cyrus, the huge peacock tails for Take That, the glasses for Muse dancers and the costumes for a BMW commercial

ETEREshop superwomen

Inna, ETEREshop company directorInna, ETEREshop company director

“We can be called “superwomen”. We carry out so many important tasks that not every man can handle,” – says Alina, the head of the office and the head of the sales department.

Alina, the head of the office and the head of the sales department
Alina, the head of the office and the head of the sales department

In addition, Alina manages the sales department: she analyzes transactions and monitors the sales volume implementation. The second block of her work is foreign economic activity. Returns, export-import operations, control over customs declarations – this is what Alina does.

Victoria is responsible for finance in the department. She deals with issues related to pricing, payments, calculating profits and monitors the performance of the organization.

Victoria at workVictoria at work

Tanya and Oksana are in contact with the contractors: Oksana is in charge of procurement and document management, while Tanya is in charge of the warehouse and works as an accountant. Chief Accountant Irina keeps records of economic activities and advises the company on the intricacies of legislation.

Oksana, logistician

Tanya at workTanya at work

The department where wishes come true

All products are born here. The department employs 4 people: Andrey, Katya, Ilya and Tolya. Andrey coordinates the work of the department: answers questions about production, works on future madels sketches.

Andrey, the head of development department: “we will solve (almost) any issue”

Andrey, the head of development department: “we will solve (almost) any issue”

Ilya, programmer
Tolya, programmer

Ilya is a programmer at maximum speed. “When I joined the company, I was the youngest employee. I am a local wish-master, I make wishes come true from the point of view of controllers,” – jokes Ilya, who has been working for the company for three years.


He is responsible for the technical part of the suits and makes sure all diodes work correctly. Tolya is also responsible for the software.

This is how the development department looks likeThis is how the development department looks like

Katya is drawing a new designKatya is drawing a new design

The programmers at workThe programmers at work

Andrey and Ilya at workAndrey and Ilya at work

Katya creates costume design. She develops the design of future models, draws sketches and communicates with contractors. Katya (and the entire department) is looking for the necessary material for the products.

Katya, designerKatya, designer

“We may happen to order 20 types of glue with only one suitable,” says Andrey, hinting at the team’s perfectionism. The slogan of the department is about the same – “we will solve (almost) any issue”.

Beauty is made here

The production department is the largest one in the company. It consists of three workshops: the first makes LED suits, the second makes mirror products, and the third sews.

Irina, the head of production departmentIrina, the head of production department

Irina is in charge of this all. She makes sure the products are shipped on time and in perfect condition. Irina also distributes work depending on the order. This is a very subtle point: you need to make sure everyone has a job.

6 people work under the leadership of Misha and Ilya. These guys make LED suits.


“My department works with smart tape. I give out materials to employees, send drawings for cutting and I am responsible for the finished result,” – says Misha. The guy calls the department slogan – “we shine for you”. In his free time, Misha is fond of playing the guitar and studies at the university at the correspondence department.


Ilya is another foreman of the department. He controls the process of the guys’ work, sets tasks for them and is responsible for the results. Also, the guy works part-time as a tester: he checks the products and packs them for shipment to customers.

LED Suit WorkshopLED Suit Workshop

LED Suit WorkshopLED Suit Workshop

LED Suit WorkshopLED Suit Workshop

LED Suit WorkshopLED Suit Workshop

Mirror Suit WorkshopMirror Suit Workshop

Mirror Suit WorkshopMirror Suit Workshop

Mirror Suit WorkshopMirror Suit Workshop

Mirror Suit WorkshopMirror Suit Workshop

Next to the LED suit workshop, there is a department where ready-made mirrors appear. Olya is in charge of the whole process, four more people work with her. They are in charge of making the mirror masks, which have become one of the most popular products.

Olya, foreman of the mirror suits department:

Olya, foreman of the mirror suits department: “the kingdom of broken mirrors”

“We take sewn finished products and decorate them with mirrors,” the girl says and adds the department’s slogan – “the kingdom of broken mirrors”. In her free time, Olya paints: before she was engaged in oriental painting and even tried to monetize this hobby. But, according to the girl, there is little demand for this kind of creativity in Belarus.


The products that Olya described are sewn by three girls: Katya, Olya and Marina. They sew jackets, suits and just enjoy their work.




“I like the variety and lack of monotony,” says Olya. The department where the girl works ironically is called the “the creative sewing area”. “Because they are afraid of us,” Katya jokes.

sewing department

Sewing department

People who make ETEREshop a global brand

Sewing department

sewing department

Sewing department

People who make ETEREshop a global brand

Sewing department

People who make ETEREshop a global brand

Sewing department

The department where visual orgasm is the norm

5 people are responsible for the beauty and appearance of ETEREshop, and in the head of the marketing department is Marina, co-founder of the company.

Lera is a copywriter. She writes articles to the site’s blog and can talk about products in a way that the most conservative humanities will understand. Antonina is a photographer. The woman takes such pictures of items after the photo made the whole team admires. Vadim is a beginner who will decipher any complex and complicated product description and makes it available and clear.

This is how the marketing department looks like

The marketing department

The marketing department

Sergey, the videographer, shoots videos about our costumes, and Masha is engaged in the company’s social networks. Our social medias are beautifully represented, right? The guys characterize the work of their department with the slogan “something new every day”.

These people merchandise in such a way customers want more

People, thanks to whom we have the opportunity to experiment with old models and think about new ones. Sasha, Katya and Olya accept incoming applications and keep in touch with regular customers. The guys have to work a lot at night, because some of the main clients live in the United States.

Recently, the guys have been working on outgoing messages to find new clients. According to Katya, the sales department is a conduit between the client’s wishes and the development department.

Ilya, sales manager:

Ilya, sales manager: “postponed to later”

In the department we also have Ilya as an anti-crisis manager who is responsible for post-sales work with clients. “I work with clients after the product is sold. I resolve issues related to support, product operation and usage and all of this,” – says Ilya.

People who help ETEREshop with materials

Contractors do an important part of the team work. The company uses the services of a laser specialist who cuts mirrors and plexiglass. A welder makes iron frames for butterflies and ballerinas, a roller rolls the film onto PET and plexiglass. The company also uses the services of companies that are engaged in 3D printing.

How have we optimized work in the pandemic

“The most obvious thing for us was that people would not be able to buy our products at the same prices,” says Victoria, Deputy Director for Finance. – We decided to speed up the production process. For example, the development department came up with a new technology for gluing mirror products. This allowed us to reduce prices for some products up to 50%.

Victoria, Deputy Director for Finance

Victoria, Deputy Director for Finance

We also re-organized the process of soldering LEDs: we decided to replace them with ready-made “semi-finished products” from China. For some products, the production time has been accelerated for five times. This allowed us to lower the price.

The pandemic pushed ETEREshop to launch a new product – “construct it yourself”. Some of the company’s regular customers are circus performers who own rations and know how to assemble costumes themselves. Such kits have also helped to reduce the price of the product.

In the spring of 2020, the company launched an installment plan for the first time. Now you can buy goods by making a 20% prepayment, and pay the rest before product shipment.

The situation with the coronavirus has also affected the number of employees. Production volumes began to fall, people were leaving. We had to reduce the amount of space. But sales did not fall so significantly due to the fact that the production was optimized.

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