Three Gold and Silver Mirror Bodysuits

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If you are an individual performer, part of an entertainment show or an event agency representative, you may be looking for a costume that will have a striking effect on your audience at a dance or a light show, wedding, presentation or any other party or event. Yet it needs to be time and money saving and easy to use and maintain. And that’s when you should consider buying a mirror costume.

Depending on the way you want to use your mirror costumes they can differ drastically: in the form and the amount of mirror tiles, additional elements, weight and style. And, naturally, the price.

See categories of mirror costumes with description of their advantages and videos of such costumes in use from our clients below.

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Sequin Mirror Bodysuits

Gold and sequin bodysuits are among the most popular choices for dancers, acrobats and party lovers. They are easy to put on and take it off, transport if you are travelling and repair if needed. You can even wash them if you are actively moving or dancing in them.

The newest bodysuit model by ETERESHOP has been made on transparent fabric with tiles arranged in such a way that they resemble leaves of a tropical plant. It has long sleeves that end in silver mirror cuffs made of tiles. It resembles swimsuits by The Black Tape Project but the difference is that it’s made of high quality real mirror from Italy. 

ETERESHOP has designed several models of disco ball bodysuits, both gold and silver, with mirror tiles of different shapes and different patterns, chains, spikes and other decoration details. They can be perfectly matched by mirror masks and/or mirror boots in the same style. 

If you are brave enough you can choose bodysuits on transparent fabric with minimal parts of your body covered by mirrors. But if you need a bodysuit to hide some areas or correct your figure a bit, one-piece bodysuit with closed back and, maybe, long sleeves, is what you should consider ordering. Such an outfit will concentrate audience attention on your curves. 

As a gogo dancer you need to move in your disco ball costume easily and not to be afraid of any wardrobe malfunctions. Disco ball bodysuits with mirror tiles weigh less than mirror leotard suits yet they are no less impressive and sexier as they reveal more skin hiding the rest under glowing details.

Silver glitter disco ball costume by ETERESHOP in action: mirror bodysuit and a 3D mirror mask “Sphere” in a nightclub show by our client.


Mirror bodysuits are a great option if you want to look sexy and show more body. They are usually compact and don’t require much time to dress or look after them. However, glitter bodysuits won’t be relevant for a performance on more formal events like weddings or presentations. Inability to perform in them outdoors in cold weather is another disadvantage.

If you want to buy any of those bodysuits you can visit our shop here.

Flexible Disco Ball Costumes

Some circumstances of an event such as weather conditions, type of an event (e.g.: men’s club party vs. a wedding), or stage (a stadium, a small nightclub or street) may require different type of a costume be you a dancer, an acrobat or a fire show artist. Flexible mirror costumes may be exactly what you need. 

You’ll be able to change your stage images or dress several dancers with just one suit. For example, flexible mirror transformer suit consists of mirror mask, overshoes, gloves, trouser-legs, sleeves and a bodysuit.

Flexible mirror suits on our clients during their entertainment shows.

If you want to buy any of those flexible mirror costumes you can visit our shop here.

Transformer Mirror Costumes

ETERESHOP has various models of flexible costumes. Such costumes save much time and money as they consist of several pieces that are put on separately and can be worn separately too, depending on the show, conditions of a performance and the number of artists involved.

Watch the gif below to see examples of looks you can get with just one transformer mirror suit by ETERESHOP.

Sleeves, panties, mask, gloves, shoes can be taken off which allows you to combine mirror parts as you like. Real mirror pieces come from Italy and are cut in such a way that edges won’t harm you in case you slip and fall during the show.

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Flexible mirror suits (if they are not flexible light up mirror costumes with LEDs of course) can we washed and you can even swim in them.

Watch pictures with flexible and transformer suits in use from our customers.

If you want to buy any of those glitter transformer outfits you can visit our shop here.

Flexible Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay flexible mirror costumes are very popular as well. Be it a Halloween, thematic party, Comic-Con or any other event, you won’t stay unnoticed especially if there are bright light sources, stroboscopes or fire ipn case with fireshows. Your costume will reflect all the light.

One more advantage is that, usually, such costumes can be taken apart and you can wear masks and the suit parts separately, creating new looks every time. For example, mirror kitty suit can be worn at a thematic party if you need to look like a Catwoman or you can remove the mask and wear the suit separately, add another mask, shoes and perform at a show with a completely different theme.   

Watch the image below: Mirror Kitty costume was matched by butterfly wings.

Lady Gaga is a famous lover of outrageous and memorable costumes. Her style has become embedded into her identity as an artist. No wonder that lots of people get inspired by her courageous looks. 

Do you remember one of her recent mirror outfits that is an fact a mirror leotard? Recently we’ve made one with real mirror as well to honor her bravery and bright personality as an individual order. 

As we specialize in custom made costumes, accessories and decorations you can turn to us to realise the most daring of your creative ideas.


Flexible mirror suits are more or less universal: you can combine them with different masks, and accessories to create numerous looks. If we are speaking about transformer outfits they are even more multipurpose as you can rearrange their parts and assemble a new stage image, meet show conditions and a performance scenario. They are also unisex and can match several body sizes if necessary. Flexible cosplay mirror outfits are usually designed for specific shows or festivals, but if you remove the mask and add other elements you can adjust it to almost any show.  Like mirror bodysuits flexible mirror suits are easy to look after and put them on, but they require a bit more space for transportation. But still not too much to make it a problem.

Sequin Mirror Dresses

Planning a wedding, sweet 16 party, big concert or preparing to a prom? To look elegant and striking mirror dress is a perfect option. It meets an absolute trend of the last few years – metallic and sequin materials in fashion. Mirror tiles sparkle reflecting all light around, so such outfits look great both in daytime and at night, when you are surrounded by soffits or even candles.

Do you remember Jennifer Lopez in a sparkling metallic dress by Tom Ford at the 2019 Oscars? JLo’s figure-hugging gown was covered in mosaic mirrored tiles and glistened under the bright lights on the red carpet of Hollywood’s biggest night.  We got inspired by this dress and created our own maxi evening gown with real mirror pieces from Italy. This dress is fully handmade and contains hundreds of tiny mirrors.

There are so many models of mirror glitter dresses available that they look great on women of all ages: long sequin dress for a prom or a non-conventional wedding ceremony, midi for a concert, presentation or a corporate event, mini for a party or a festival.

Long silver and gold mirror dresses are especially popular among singers and presenters. Such dresses is what you should pick to complement your curves and hide the unwanted areas if you have a curvy body type. If you are tall and slim, you can get a loose and long dress.

Mirror pieces for mirror dresses are available in gold and silver, so you can choose which color better matches your stage image or you can go with ombre dress if you can’t decide.

Recently we’ve made a similar dress from the smallest mirror pieces but short and with an open back. It will stunning on a young girl with slender figure. Or it can as well be matched by high heel shoes, classic Hollywood makeup with red lipstick and be perfect for a mature woman who is a singer, a party hostess or a guest at a chic reception.

All of our clients look stunning in mirror dresses of all designs. Many of them are prominent singers and performers and such glitter outfits add sparkle to their shows and can even become their distinctive feature.

Some dresses can be transformed into a shorter version or you can customize other additional elements or options.

Long mirror dresses add glamour to stage performances when light is concentrated on you. Dresses made of small mirror tiles look as if they were made of liquid silver or gold.

Watch dresses designed by ETERESHOP gleaming in the sunlight on images below.


Silver and gold mirror dresses follow both metallic and sequin trends in fashion but standing out from all of outfits made of real sequins or just glowing fabric. That’s what make them so fashionable yet so special.  Since mirror dresses are available in various styles they can match different occasions, but they aren’t the best choice for shows that require too much energetic movements, jumps, etc. You’d better choose flexible or bodysuits costumes for such performances.

If you want to buy any of those mirror disco ball dresses you can visit our shop here.

Mirror Man and Mirror Lady Costumes

Mirror family couple costumes are designed for living statue artists and entertainers working both as a couple and separately. Impressive and memorable, they are worth the money. Suitable for meetings with guests, photo sessions, they will great at laser and light shows.

Both mirror man and mirror lady costumes consist of several elements to make them ergonomic and reliable so that the audience won’t see the human in it but a walking living statue.   

Mirror lady’s costume consists of a mirror head piece (hat, mask, balaclava), mirror jacket, pants, shoes and gloves. You can match it with a color wig or order more elements for your costume.

ETERESHOP has been producing mirror man and mirror lady costumes since 2012 so we know everything about them thanks to our own experience and all of our customers who ordered those costumes and performed in them all over the world. We constantly work on the technique of their production to refine it and foresee any difficulties you may come through while working in mirror couple costumes.

Here are some videos in mirror costumes from our customers.


If you buy a mirror costume it will save much time you could have spend on applying silver or gold makeup to look like a living statue, you’ll just need to dress up. Those suits have the lining that can be unfastened and washed after each show to ensure comfort and safety.   Mirror costumes can bring you money for years as it’s easy to look after them and repair if necessary. So it’s an investment that will pay off and start bringing you profit soon.  Mirror man and mirror lady costumes are rather volumetric and their transportation require more space than that of a flexible costume, for example. Such costumes are not too cheap as well, so they are rather meant for professional performers who plan to use them on a regular basis.  

If you want to buy any of those disco ball mirror costumes you can visit our shop here.

In case you have any awesome and crazy ideas about your future disco ball mirror costumes or sketches, you can always rely on us with their realization. Contact us via email, WhatsApp or the chat form in the bottom right corner.


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