40 outfits from the Pride Parade and 15 costume ideas

40 outfits from the Pride Parade and 15 costume ideas by ETERESHOP

We closely followed the bright show of pride month 2022, shining with rainbow colors for the whole June in New York. And we have selected the brightest happy pride month outfit ideas for you to look at and be inspired. Summer is in full swing, which means it’s time to put on clothes of the most juicy colors. Get ready, there are a lot of them today!


Rainbow in the happy pride month outfits

On the pride month 2022, the rainbow, a symbol of LGBT community, is everywhere! Rainbow roads, coats with rainbow colors, clothes and hairstyle – everything was there and in huge quantities!

maxi golden skirt
Golden bustier, maxi golden skirt and mini golden blazer with the bright rainbow cloak. It suits perfectly!
The long evening gown is made up of pareos of the LGBT colors. We reckon it's a cool idea.
Rainbow clothes during happy pride month include makeup as well!
The perfect look is an old-styled dress, a fan and lots of matching accessories. Absolutely on point.
A body made of smooth leather in the colors of LGBT and a huge train are complemented by long bright boots!
Emphasis on an almost weightless multi-colored short skirt. Very impressive!
There are never too many LGBT colors for happy Pride month!
Hats and shorts look very organic at the pride month festival clothes!

Ideas of outfits for the pride parade by ETERESHOP

Led dress for the pride parade by ETERESHOP
Flag with rainbow effect and text output from ETERESHOP
The crown for the pride parade from ETERESHOP

Mono suits at the Pride Parade 2022

Suits and outfits in mono colors – is a special chic. All the details are important here, from the cut to the accessories.

Bright lime in clothes as well in hairstyle. Looks great!
Deep pink in every detail of the look, from the oversized hat to the lipstick
The image of fresh mint is fabulous and refreshingly beautiful!
Lime and lilac - bright, but tenderly gentle!
A lot of airy and fluffy pink makes this happy pride outfit very atmospheric and festive!
maxi golden skirt
Gold dress from the Pride Parade

Rainbow outfits for the pride parade by ETERESHOP

Face mask with rainbow effect from ETERESHOP
The idea of a luminous outfit from ETERESHOP
The idea of a huge accessories for the parade by ETERESHOP

Important accessories in happy pride costumes– it is that matters!

Leather and a large-netted bodice. A brave look.
The perfect combination of a cherry fluffy top and a smooth mint skirt.
A Rainbow mesh bodysuit and the same matching makeup. Wanna watch both!
This look is great in every detail. But the main key is the boots in the rainbow color!
Stripes in every thing –– in tops, in scarves, in hair, in makeup and bags.
Brutal black leather with purple boa. Everything is softened by a frivolous fan.
Who said disposable plastic cups can't be the center of attention? They certainly can!
Small rainbow wings - the usual image became festive and magical at once!
Body stickers in the firebird style and a loose cape in the LGBT colors – impossible to take eyes off!

Photo shoots of the ETERESHOP'S clients in rainbow suits

The perfect mirrored bodysuit for any environment. Reflects countless bright colors!
The idea of an outfit for a Pride Parade by ETERESHOP
Wings with a rainbow effect from ETERESHOP

Pride month fairy and magic looks

And why not combine a fairy tale and your fantasies? After all, the whole festival is about this!

A huge turban on the head, a defiantly bright makeup and a chest strewn with metal chains. The boa in the rainbow color polishes the look.
Wonderful characters from a fairy tale - cute suits and huge LGBT bows. Very cute.
A new image of Mary Poppins. How are you?
A bullfighter or picador or someone from a Brazilian fairy tale? Pretty and unusual!
Bakery Fairy should be tasty and well-fed! Like our heroine!
Pink hair, white long gloves and a huge bow with an umbrella in LGBT colors - that's another fabulous look!

3D models in outfits by ETERESHOP at the pride parade

3D model of a mirrored luminous bodysuit at the Pride Parade from ETERESHOP
3D model of a bright luminous dress at the parade 2022
3D model of a long shiny dress at the Pride Parade 2022

Plus-size pride month outfits

Costumes for plumpy people also differ in taste, variety and forms. See how boldly the colors, cut and shape come together.

Accent is on multi-colored hair and a cascading fluffy rainbow cape.
Rainbow bodysuit and netty stockings - why not?
Evening long dress on the floor, shared by rhinestones. Large earrings and a huge bob. Great combination for plus-size figures.
rainbow-cut-out corset
Two great outfits at one photo. A plus-size bodysuit in LGBT colors or a black one with long golden chains and huge golden gloves!
Bright colors and elastic metallic fabric passes marvelously!

Bright and sexy looks at Pride Month 2022

Look at these youth images. Short jackets, lots of carefully chosen accessories, the best of which is an open smile. It is always in fashion!

Short denim jacket in the latest fashion with an LGBT insert. Very fresh!
A striped group at happy pride month. Perfectly complement each other, having something striped in their clothes.
Happy looks at happy pride month!
With open smiles and matching makeup, everything else fades into the background.
Rainbow flag is a symbol of the pride month
Rainbow outfit for Pride Parade

Pride Month is a time for each individual to be proud of who they are and the unique offerings they have to bring to the world.

We hope you will find a couple of inspiration outfit ideas for your next party or show!

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