Bright looks of the Electric Daisy Carnival

Bright looks of the Electric Daisy Carnival, 2022 – by ETERESHOP

In this article we will tell you about  bright festival looks of the biggest celebration for electronic dance music. 

Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world. EDC took place in Vegas in the end of May, 2022 with more 300,000 guests. 

Turn on your favourite electronic music and let’s watch the looks of the EDC Insomnia music and dance show.


1. EDC outfits 2022 for groups of guests

See how cheerful and major people look in bright neon suits and masks.

1.1. Neon sets the tone and mood

Electronic music and vibrant outfits in rich colors have a lot in common. Both want to stand out. Maybe that’s why there are so many outfits in neon and bright colors at the festival.

Mini shorts and maxi boots made of bright leather - visible from afar
Munch-style masks and leather belt elements - a thoughtful look
One bright color outfit – the best choice for a big company. EDC outfits

Ideas EDC outfits by ETERESHOP

Neon walking table the idea of a neon outfit for EDС
Bring convenience to the next level at ADC with our neon portable table. Lightweight, durable and eye-catching, it's the perfect festival companion.
neon men's outfit ADC festival
Neon men's EDC costumes by ETERESHOP
LED Corset Skirt with Octopus Tentacles for Festival

1.2. Particoloured looks at EDC 2022

Multicolored dresses look fantastic when there are a lot of different tones and there are a lot of people!

The image of colorful EDC costumes is perfectly complemented by heavy shoes and accessories on their heads. Fresh and bold.
Mini EDC outfits
Mini EDC outfits with capes, colored hair and colorful scarves. It's cheerful!
Computer game EDC costumes with LEDs are, after all, more suitable outfits for an electronic music festival
Zippy floral looks. Bodice, skirts and hairstyle are like blossoms. Awesome!
Mesh and nude EDC outfits are often go together.
White and pink, mesh and frivolous, boyish and outspoken – a lot of elements to look at.

1.4. Men’s looks at EDC festival 2022

The festival, which features art, carnival rides, circus-style performances and all of the top EDM DJs in the world had to be psychedelic and vivid. 

Look at the different fabrics and materials for suits, from mesh to reflective fabrics, from skin-tight leather to boho pajama outfits and thousands of beads. All of them are united by one thing – freedom, courage and uniqueness.

Brutal boots and girlish mesh, long ribbons and bead and metal chains – everything is allowed.
Bright lime and pink EDC suit
Bright lime and pink EDC suit
Beads are everywhere. Motley look adds atmosphere of openness at Las Vegas EDC

Men's festival outfits by ETERESHOP

Light up men's festival costume
Shiny men's jacket with disco ball effect
Bright festival men's outfit with LEDs

2. Woman’ looks at EDC Insomniac festival in Las Vegas.

Woman’s images contain  maximum of creativity and freedom. And just as much courage and sexuality.

2.1. Colorful looks – the brighter is the better

There is no such thing as too many colors in one outfit – it’s an EDC festival!

LGBT colors in body and hat, beads and ear-rings
Bodysuit, glasses and long trouser-legs in one gaudy style
A costume made of beads, mesh, artificial hair with ears and accessories
An iridescent top and skirt, bright dreads and fluffy ear-rings
A lilac body with metallic patterns, high boots and a pink weather boa.
Gleaming silver body with feather accessories on the shoulders. The crown with braits makes the whole look gorgeous.

2.4. Mini suits and maxi boots – girlish and stylish

Lolita looks are also presented in all colors of the rainbow and in many images. And they are all amazingly attractive.

A bright combination – a pink skirt, top and hair with blue boots.
A purple metalic-like suit passes the atmosphere of Las Vegas festival
Pink, nude and metallic. A jacket with huge sleeves pink fluffy ears make the whole look frisky.
Lime panties, a bustier and a maxi cape with metallic chains look great with long black boots.
Emerald look - shorts, top, long gloves and a cowboy hat
Black and neon yellow – perfect combination to grip attention, as well as the suit from the belts and ropes.

2.5. Slinky outlooks at EDC in Las Vegas

Bodysuits with accessories look festive – big fans, funny smiles at the body, long artificial colourful braids.

A sparkling bodysuit of transparent fabric with blue gleaming inserts and a big fan as an accessory
A colourful pants and bustier with a light fur-trimmed dress and coquettish ears on the head
An unusual EDC suit with smiling faces and metallic accessories all around
Tight body, long sleeves, leather belts and bright hair – look to be noticed.

Everything is possible at the festival, from the most modest formats to the most daring, from feminine to the most brutal. Together the festival and its guests reached full BLOOM — and now it’s time to spread the love they shared in the end of May all across the world. 

6 Ideas of outfits for the Electric Daisy Carnival by ETERESHOP

The idea of an outfit for the Electric Daisy Carnival
The idea of a bright outfit with a cat mask for the Electric Daisy Carnival
Light up dress for the Electric Daisy Carnival
festival outfits
Bright outfit for the Electric Daisy Carnival
A luminous accessory for the Electric Daisy Carnival
Ideas of outfits for the Electric Daisy Carnival
The idea of a brilliant bodysuit for the Electric Daisy Carnival


And we remind you that LGBT Pride Month 2022 is  started on June 1st in NYC. It is one of the largest and most well known parades in the world.

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