Led helmet in the shape of a huge eye, how we did it

Led helmet in the shape of a huge eye, how we did it – by ETERESHOP

Look at the instructions on how to make an LED light up helmet in the form of a huge eye and repeat. 


Eye-popping light up Giant Eye helmet

 So, our client placed an exciting order for a programmable LED helmet in the form of a huge eye. As the art LED helmet was supposed to be used for stilt performances, we had to keep in mind the nature and complexity of such shows to make the helmet as convenient and comfortable to use as possible. 

Programmable LED helmet in the form of a huge eye
LED helmet in the form of a huge eye – client’s reference

The major requirements were to make it lightweight, with steady fixation on the head and good observation. Additionally, it should have “lashes” out of optical fibre, while the edge of the eye should be outlined with extra LEDs to have a clear eye shape look. 

Cosplay luminous Giant Eye helmet production

Everything starts with the sketches

After coordinating the sketches of a future light up giant eye helmet with the client we start prototyping it in CLO.

sketch-LED-helmet-_monster eye_
Giant Eye helmet – ETERESHOP'S 3d sketch

The process of prototyping gives us a clear understanding of how the helmet will look in reality and the materials we will need for its production. 

Helmet production

As the base for the helmet we used a spherical frame. The parts for it were first 3D printed and then assembled.

Assembled 3D printed parts for the sphere

The front side of the eye helmet is made using LED strip with the density 144 LEDs per meter.

Cosplay lighting Giant Eye helmet – front side of the eye

The total number of LEDs in the huge eye-shaped helmet is 1800. 

The back side of the sphere is made from black EVA material.

Cosplay luminous Giant Eye helmet – back side of the eye

At the center of the EVA semi-sphere there is a cut for a zip fastener to put the LED helmet on comfortably. Apart from it, we additionally cover it with black mesh fabric with a zipper.

Illuminating lashes for the Huge Eye LED helmet

The lashes are made out of two types of optical fibre. The first type is 2mm side-glow optical fibre. It’s very soft and doesn’t keep the form well. The second type is 3mm edge-glow optical fibre with a firm structure and ability to retain the form well. We used the combination of both the types to reach more natural and softer look. All in all, there were used 80 pieces of optical fibre. 

In addition, the optical fibre was sanded to let it diffuse the light on its sides.

Dip LEDs for illumination of the huge LED eye helmet’s lashes

To ensure high brightness and colority transmission, we illuminated the fibre from beneath, using dip LEDs. For this purpose, we’ve made special modules with a help of silicone and heat shrink tube.

Glowing lashes for LED giant eye helmet

Making the frame for light up huge eye helmet

The frame of the huge eye helmet was made from two metal-reinforced plastic pipes, which were bent into a semi ellipse form, with the edges cut at 45 degrees to make the joints smooth. 

Alongside the pipe, we also made a cut at the center and additional bores for lashes. Afterwards we covered the pipes with black faux leather and inserted optical fibre lashes modules into one of the halves. 

The frame of the Giant Eye LED helmet with lashes

Led helmet building process

Finally, both the halves could be interconnected with a help of bracing wires and epoxy glue. We made four bores on the top and bottom of the central part of the pipe and attached the semi sphere with a help of bracing wires.

LED helmet in the form of a huge eye – assembly process

After that we just needed to insert white plastic into the previously made cuts in the pipes.

Giant Eye LED helmet -assembly process

Hiding the wiring and all the technical accessories

All the technical stuff was hidden in a special backpack with pockets, where we put controller and power supply modules.

Backpack for the huge eye LED helmet
Backpack with controllers
Battery boxes
Controller to switch the effects of the LED helmet

Setting the effects

The effects can be absolutely diverse. Generally, we upload up to 25-30 effects to an SD-card. The effects can be customized according to your wish. As for the control, it can be carried out in a stand-alone mode via DMX switch or remote RF controller.

Mesmerize your guests with designer Big Eye LED helmet

Are you going to create a bizarre look for your next event – why not consider an idea of a fantastic glowing LED helmet? You can use it at different kinds of events and special occasions, parties and parades, performances and festivals. It’ll definitely draw everyone’s attention and you’ll 100% captivate your audience or guests with such an unconventional luxury look.

LED helmet in the shape of eye

Now is your turn to share what you have in mind and let our team make it reality!

Don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@etereshop.com or apply for a custom product.

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