Mirror Ballerinas Costumes

Exclusive Costumes for New Year 2020 Parties Season (25.10.2019)

Here is a compilation of exclusive light up and mirror costumes that can brighten up any party but will look especially great at New Year celebration events, corporate entertainments and shows. All of them can be altered up to your needs, HD costumes can serve to your brand benefit as you can demonstrate logo to share your ideas with the audience. Mirror costumes look great in photos and videos that will go viral on the Internet after your unforgettable party.

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Living walking party table to glade through the crowd of your guests, serving them with wine or champagne and other beverages. The champagne glass lights up when put back to the table stand and goes off when a guest takes the glass. It’s a perfect way to entertain the crowd at any celebration.

Smart HD light up belt allow showing any text you like, logos and large variety of effects. Moreover, you can synchronize effects on the belt and on glasses stands.

Mirror Ballerinas Costumes
Custom made mirror ballerinas costumes by ETERESHOP

Custom made full mirror ballerinas costumes for three performers is a perfect choice for stage shows, presentations, photoshoots and other events. All the surface of each costume is covered in gold, silver and black mirror, the central performer is a black swan dancer.

Mirror skirts as well as mirror helmets and overshoes can be removed and you’ll get three sexy mirror leotard costumes, ready for another kind of a show. Sparkly skirts are not attached to the costumes, so mirror suits without them will look like separate complete glitter party costumes.

Ultra HD smart light up costume by ETERESHOP is a literally walking logo outfit. It’s a unique costume made for animation artists, stage performers and other entertainers. It’s unisex and can be combined with leotards of different colors.

The walking logo light up dress consists of 6 boards with 21k+ extremely densely placed LEDs to turn any video, logo or an image into a clearly visible complicated effect on a costume. Effects on a costume can be synchronized with video screens on stage.

Ultra HD Light Up Dress on White Plastic
Smart light up HD dress on white plastic

Smart light up dress on white plastic is a bright outfit for dancers, musicians and party entertainers meeting guests near photo zones or strolling among guests and demonstrating logos, videos and other light up effects. It’s light and easy to use. It has just one small button to switch effects and you can customize your effects while placing an order or write them down afterwards. developed for such purposes.

Large fairy wings made of silver mirror should be the main sparkly component of costume for a large celebration of a sexy gogo dancer, party entertainer or an artists perorming on stage. Made of real mirror, they are relatively small (120 x 180 cm, 4 kg), yet impressive and easy to operate.

Mirror wings will catch all light around make it play with guests trying to picture every moment of seeing them with their cameras.

Smart light up peacock fantail is a bright outfit to catch all the glances around be you a dancer or an animation artist. Since it’s smart you can use all 650 bright LEDs to show any kinds of effects, including text and images like flags. It folds and can be transported easily if you are a travelling artist.


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