21 Ideas of costumes for circus performances 2022

21 Ideas of costumes for circus performances 2022

In today’s article, we will tell you about man’s and woman’s circus costume ideas for dance shows and other performances. And if you’re in this business, we really hope you get some new looks.


Professional circus costumes ideas and embodiments by ETERESHOP

Professional circus outfits is a separate category of clothes, because there are a lot of light in the circus or no light at all and the suits there are not only the part of the performance, but also must be clearly visible under the spotlights or without them at all.

Shine and reflect – mirror costumes

Gold and silver mirror ballerina circus suits with disco ball effects will definetily make your perfomances bright and beaming. Made from acrylic mirror of golden or silver color and different sizes.

Mirror Ballerina circus Costume
Gold and Silver Mirror Ballerina circus Costume
Silver mirror ballerina costume with 46 LEDs on a silver tutu and an iroquois-style headpiece

Look at mirrored costume by ETERESHOP at the circus performance of Gia Eradze:

Stilt man costumes are the must-have of a circus

LED screen stilt walker robot performance outfits are perfect circus costumes for adult still many animation artists and big stage entertainers. Our stilt men are programmable and have densely placed LEDs effects on them. Light up effects can also be synchronized on several outfits for a dancers team. Up to 10 thousand LEDs will make your show unforgettable and very effective! The men’s outfits are very flexible and convenient to use. Unique design allows moving easily, full color solution and central computer control for each individual light diode, allows realizing any creative ideas.

Led light up Stilt Robot Suit with 10,000 LEDs for circus performances
Led light up Stilt Walker Robot Suit with 1800 LEDs for circus performances

Disco ball glitter sparkly mirror bodysuits

Shiny and sexy girl’s outfits are perfect for performances and circus shows. Your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off the radiant actresses working both in daylight and at night with flashing lights, laser beams, stroboscopes and fire…

Women’s suits are made from fabric for base and acrylic mirror, can be of any size. Can be of gold, silver or mixed colors. Can be additionally fitted with mask, gloves, overshoes etc.

Mirror Kitty Festival wear sparkling bodysuit for circus performances
Aerial gymnastics metallic full mirror bodysuit for circus performances

LED acrobats costumes, dancers and gymnasts

Convenient LED gymnast costumes are unisex, suitable for different body sizes and ergonomic.

In the air dance suits each light diode is controlled separately, that allows to create different effects. The programmable outfit has more than 300 LEDs, but it is flexible and easy to use; stand-alone control system creates your own performance without any assistance.

Aerial LED light up gymnastics costume for women
Light up Dance Costume 3000 LEDs
LED light up gymnastics costume for men, performance outfit

Sequin Women's Bodysuit on transparent fabric

You can move beautifully, dance comfortably and not worry about the suit breaking. Thanks to ultimate flexibility it’s a perfect women’s bodysuit for circus dancers, aerialists or other performers. The disco ball effect will help to attract glances in any lightning conditions: with lasers and sophiteson stage, in the sunlight in the open air or in the artificial light.

Sexy gold mirror bodysuit for circus performances
Gold and Black Mirror Jaguar Kitty Costume

Circus costumes with led screen animation output for performances

Great advantage is a large amount of LEDs. And this, in turn, allows you to make display text and pictures on a luminous costumes, which creates a spectacular and unforgettable show. In addition, it is possible to synchronize the effects. At the same time, the number and variations can be different – logos, inscriptions, images, different color schemes. More than 5000 LEDS make all your fantasies come true.

Screen Armor Smart Suit with 5000 LEDs
Light up suit with 2200 LEDs, performance outfit

Big Angel Wings Costume for Performance

White wings or black wings, with LEDs or without them, from small wings to huge ones – our company has been doing all this perfectly for almost ten years.

We can add any necessary LEDs to make wings beam. Wings can be made of different materials – fabric, polyethylene foam, fabric strips, spunbond or eva foam. Size of the wings is approx. 4 meters or 13 feet. LED wings will work about 2 hours.

Cosplay White Angel Wings with 200 LEDs
Big Black Angel Wings

See how white wings look at the performance

White wings costume at a circus performance

LED light up cage dress with switchable effects – Do-maru

A cage suit is an impressive and memorable outfits for dancers, musicians, singers and other entertainment artists working on stage.

The main feature of the smart costumes is the ability to control each individual LED, which will allow you to be unique. Base of the dress is made of flexible material, rigilene –it doesn’t restrict movements and allows you to do any tricks. Corset is very bright, so it will be a great choice for the big stage. You can easily disconnect any part of the dress. Arms, legs, head piece and bodysuit can be used separately! Independent mode does not require a computer or other control devices for work. If necessary, the controller can be used in complex solutions. We have different models of corsets. But if you have a unique project – the one controller is able to control even 3000 digital diodes.

Light up cage dress – Do-maru
Luminous male suit, performance outfit

LED rider vests with animation screen

Studded LED rider vest with two animation screens for the show where you need to stand out from a crowd and also need to be able to move freely. Such vests are just for those who performs on motorcycles or ride animals, bikes or any other circus tool. Large HD screen with 1812 LEDs allows showing any logos, texts and images connected to the theme of your show. Operating time is ca.1 hour. Effects are switched over with the help of two small buttons (forward/backward). Lights effects are uploaded to an SD card with the help of our program called Screen Recorder or via ArtNet recorder.

Studded LED biker vest with animation screen
Light up black vest with 1812 LEDs

Outfits for large stages

Huge scenes require unusual and large circus outfits. And we are not afraid of taking on such projects, realizing that a suit is often worn by an ordinary person or even a girl. That’s why we carefully choose the materials and make the suits strong, reliable and flexible, so that you can not only wear the suit, but also perform in it.

Large Led Light up Butterfly Wings for circus performances

Large butterfly wings suit with 4300 LEDs is a product designed for large-scale stage and outdoor events. It best fits large animation shows, parades, and festivals on stage or open-air (dry, not windy weather required). Huge amount of light diodes allows creating any images on the wings. The size of the unfolded wings is 6*6.5 meters (19.6*21.3 feet). Operating time is approx. 1 hour and more, working mode: stand-alone, remote control via a PC, ArtNet.

Giant Pixel Butterfly Wings with 4300 LEDs

Light up Peacock Fantail

Huge led Peacock Fantail with 1000 LEDs . With fewer LEDs and other dimensions it has the same light possibilities. Thanks to its scale of 3.8 meters and the number of LEDs it can be seen from a distance and from all angles.

1000 LED Peacock Fan Tail Performance Costume

Look at photos of our client:

Photo of a client in glowing suits
LED Peacock Fan Tail costume with 650 LEDs
circus outfit
Circus outfit

4 ideas for circus outfits by Contraband events

Stilt walker four-legged animal circus outfit
Circus stilt walker performance outfit
Luminous suit for shows in the whole dark
Fairy stilt walker woman’s outfit for performance

Why circus artists choose ETERESHOP

The costumes are very flexible and easy to use.
You can take it on and off easily 
Synchronization the effects if there are several suits. 
LED variations can be different – logo, inscriptions, images, different color schemes.
Wide opportunities to use – on stage, outside, at photozones etc.
Unisex and suitable for different body sizes
Easy to use and repair

The ETERESHOP company has not only vast experience in creating costumes for different shows and performances, but also the ability to fulfill grandiose orders quickly and on time. Follow this link to see how we completed an order of 17 suits in a two-week period.

Custom made Beetlejuice mirror dance costume with feathers
Review Met Gala 2022 images by ETERESHOP
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