AVANTGARDISTA München 2019: Photo Report from ETERESHOP

Last weekend ETERESHOP has participated in an alternative fashion show Avantgardista 2019 in Munich, Germany. The motto of the show was “Life is a party – dress like it” and it prooved to be the rule of the weekend.

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Avantgardista 2019 Showroom and Guests

An event took place at Kohlebunker in Munich, Germany and lasted 3 days: from November, 8 till November, 10. Guests were able to have a closer look at outfits and accessories and get acquainted with designers and their teams in the Show Room. Fashion Shows were real shows: spectacular, diverse in forms and materials and daring.

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Designers, models, photographers, influencer and organisers were working together and supporting each other throughout the whole Show. Just like it’s said on the official website, ” The AVANTGARDISTA is an event of collaboration and potentials”.

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21 designers from 6 countries: Germany, France, Austria, Israel, Belarus and Czech Republic.

MASKandCO (Neuschönburg, Germany), benno von stein (Stockach, Germany), Damaris Luhn (Griesheim, Germany), Ero Chains (Neuhaus, Germany), Fernando Berlin (Berlin, Germany), Fetish Fantaisies (Chamboeuf, France), Franklin Tavares (Tel Aviv, Israel ), GlanzGlück (Vienna, Austria), GoldPiercingArt (Laufen, Germany) Mirija de PaukeDanny WormSedlářství Kairon,Sikra (Czech Republic), Schnittmuskel (Karlsruhe, Germany), The Mystery of Darkness (Hannover, Germany), Rubberik (Vienna, Austria ), Tight Laced (Berlin, Germany), Tourniquet CostumeArt (Tautenhain, Germany), Unartig Shop (Hildrizhausen, Germany), Yourshape (Hattingen, Germany) and we, ETERESHOP (Brest, Belarus).

ETERESHOP Stand at Avantgardista 2019

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Rehearsal and Backstage Preps before ETERESHOP Show at Avantgardista 2019

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ETERESHOP has presented 13 hot LED light up and mirror costumes, masks and accessories from our newest collection.

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ETERESHOP Show at Avantgardista 2019

7 luminous LED light up costumes included Smart LED butterfly wings, a spherical LED mask, 3 ligh up glowing dresses, ultra HD LED walking logo costume and a brand-new outfit that attracked most of attention and was a pure sensation both on stage and in the showroom of the show – Smart light up 3D air propellers.

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We’ve brought 6 mirror outfits with us: 2 disco ball dresses, 3 mirror bodysuits, silver mirror wings, one gold leotard and 3 mirror masks with feathers and chains.

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Thanks to all of the models, guests and the whole team that worked so hard to make this all happen.

We are looking forward to seeing you at other shows and exhibitions in future. Keep checking news on upcoming events!

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All photos by Darya Bulskaya


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