Real-time Video Effects for LED Costumes

Wanna create a new light show with the resources you already have?

We know how to help you use your HD LED costumes to the fullest and avoid additional expenses. Make money with Smart LED costumes you already have in an upcoming events season.

It’s a soliution for those of you who bought Smart pixel costumes and want to create a new show with no or little investments.

Examples of Smart LED costumes that will look great in such a light show: LED screen wings, vests and jackets, HD LED dresses, Smart LED cage costumes and even Smart pixel peacock fantails or masks.

Find a projector, take your LED costume and get ready to create your next brand new light performance.


1.  HD LED costume(s): the density of LEDs need to be high enough to make video effects clearly visible. For example, we’ve chosen Smart LED Cage Costume “Do-Maru”, Smart LED Screen Jacket and Smart LED Screen Wings (see the video above);

2.     Projector: its quality can influence the quality of a signal;

3.     Wireless WiFi router;

4.     PC;

5.     ArtNet compatible software: Resolume Arena 5, MadMapper, Madrix, Lightjams, etc.;

6.     Video files of light effects for your show: you can browse them on the Internet or create your own, e.g. with the necessary logo or texts;

PLAN: what you'll need to do:

1.     Contact our sales managers to check if your controller has an update option and order a new controller if necessary;

2.     Get a new updated controller or change the controller firmware and a Config file on your present controller (provided it has an update option);

3.     Choose the ArtNet compatible software;

4.     Contact out tech support, we’ll set up the workspace for you;

5.     Connect the projector to the PC with the help of an HDMI cable;

6.     Connect the router to the PC with the help of an ethernet cable;

7.     Choose the ‘Extend these displays’ option in the display settings of your monitor;

8.     Run the software;

9.     Put on and turn on the LED costume(s) you plan to use;

10.Correct the location of a costume if necessary (you can do it in Resolume as well) to get the best light effect mapping;

11.Contact us for any help you may need;

Real-time Video Effects for LED Costumes

Real-time Video Effects for LED Costumes 

Real-time Video Effects for LED Costumes

RESULT: what you'll get:

·         A new approach to light performances; 

·         Real-time control over light effects;

·         A completely new show with no new investments if you already have LED costumes by ETERESHOP;

·         Ability to use any light up effects you like, just download them in advance, anytime you need to add something new;

See IONE Performance from Kimatica Studio:

Imagine the way your show may look like if you'll add real-time video mapping

Real-time Video Effects for LED Costumes


·         The router needs to be placed no further than 10 meters (33 feet) from your LED costume(s);

·         It’s advisable not to have other WiFi access points nearby;

·         There should be no more than 1700 LEDs per controller (the less – the better);

·         Possible WiFi connection instability – a connection breakdown may occur for a while in this case;

·         Connection quality depends on the quality of a router you use;

·         Slower and smoother effects are preferred over the sharp and fast ones – they’ll look better during your light show;

Real-time Video Effects for LED Costumes

Come up with any awesome ideas of your ideas of your future LED or mirror costumes you may have.

We are ready to help and turn them into a reality!

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