LED Corset: 8 Looks with Just 1 Multifunctional Outfit

Entertainment artists and agencies have always valued costumes and equipment that are universal or can be used in various occasions and for different goals. When you get return on investment, when luggage of your troupe is more compact and lighter than before and the show is no less spectacular it definitely makes your life easier.

Most light up outfits and accessories can completely transform your look and are more or less universal in terms of compatibility with different looks. This means that with just one luminous outfit you can create multiple variations of your stage image, which means: economy, more free storage space, quick look change during your shows.

Let’s see how easily you can change your look with just one LED cage corset as a multifunctional base.

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LED Corset for Animation Artists

Animation artists are among entertainers who are constantly in look for something new in terms of costumes and new ideas for their shows. 

Add up bright clothes, funny and comfortable shoe wear and a wig and entertain your guests for hours in a LED corset with light and flexible plastic base.

LED Cage Corset for Glamorous Party Look

In spite of its playful design, LED corset ‘Butterfly’ by ETERESHOP can be easily combined with chic classic dresses at ease. It will add some kinkiness to your glam style, so it can be worn not only by night club entertainment artists or party hosters, but by people not professionally concerned with event entertainment sphere.  

Light Up Corset for Dancers

Since this corset is flexible thanks to plastic base and lightweight, you can actively move in it without being afraid of causing any damage to you or the light up corset itself. This makes it a great LED costume addition for jugglers, magicians, DJs or other people whose main instrument is their hands. 

Luminous Cage Corset for a Rave Sporty Style

Glowing and light up details are a ‘must’ at rave parties. Why not to add a volumetric yet light LED cage corset to liven up you costume? Luminous curves of a LED costume detail look great with ‘ugly’ sneakers and neon crop tops. Even sporty trousers shouldn’t stop you from this ballsy style mix.

LED Corset for a Girly Festival Look

LED corset as a part of a non-conventional wedding dress? Why not? This look will also look appropriate at a open-air festival or in a music video. Cover it up with tulle and LED light will be muted and add subtle glow to your dress.

Glowing LED Corset for Sexy Gogo Dancers

This model of a light up cage corset looks as if it has been designed for playful gogo dancers and night club venues. Mixed with 3D animal masks, bunny ears, tails or animal prints it looks more than appropriate, sexy and memorizable.

LED Cage Corset for a Brave Festival Image

If you are lucky enough to plan visiting Burning Man festival some day, you must be looking for an outfit to outplay other creative costumes. High boots, hats with feathers, glitter clothes – everyone has it. LED cage corset is a more rare accessory, so it’s definitely worth thinking of.

Bonus: Light Up Corset for a Sporty Children Animator

Matched with tiny kitty ears, bright clothes, sneakers and jolly mood, luminous corset can light up any kid’s event. You’ll look like a fairy to your audience, radiant and bright.

Updated Technology of Production

Light up corset is one of the most popular LED costumes by ETERESHOP. Recently we’ve been working on updating technology of its production to retain best characteristics and make it more affordable. The main change concerns the base of the corset. It used to be done with rigeline boning available in two colors: black and white that is frequently used for cage corset making. Basically it’s a polyester material.

We’ve tried to substitute it with high-quality plastic to cut prices for this and similar products and succeeded: LED cage corsets are still flexible and light, yet prices dropped down so that more people can afford them.

New LED corset has also become more durable due to simplified assembling process. All angles are done not with the help of wires but by bending the LED stripe.   


Be it’s a kid’s party, opening ceremony or a stag night, LED cage corset is one of the luminous costumes that will look appropriate at all of them when matched by proper accessories, clothes, shoewear, makeup and a hairdo. Create numerous looks with one LED clothing detail and return money you’ve invested in it during a short period of time. 

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